11 September 2008

brittany in the middle

i have been wanting to "highlight" some people i love for a while (what? student of the month doesnt have to end with 6th grade graduation) and i thought i would start with telling you a little bit about a girl who was born on 9/11...how appropriate :)

i got this picture off your blog... so i am assuming it is ok to post ;)

i can't imagine any trip to the mainland without a nice long stay at brittany's house. she is really good at making you feel like you have something interesting to say. whenever i stay at britt's we talk for hours in her family room (with ice cream close by) about everything (usually while watching some TIVOed gem). i think i tell her every thought that pops into my head and she not only listens, but asks me questions that prompt me to blab more about myself and my feelings. i didnt really realize this until now, but she is such a good person to tackle a problem with.

i had her practically on speed dial the first year of ambrose's life and she not only answered all of my questions and gave me really great advice, but she made me feel like i was still doing a really great job as a mom.

when i was in like fourth grade we moved to a new house and brittany had her own room. she was a full fledged teenager back then so her room was HERS. no one was really allowed in, but she always told me that i could come in (i specifically remember her saying that i didnt take up that much space! haha!). i would lay on her bed and tell her all of my problems with friends and boys i liked (in 4th grade?? yup.) and she would say, "OK, here's what ya do..." and i would soak all that information up like a sponge.

so britt, you are not only the most creatively talented one in the family, or the best cook, or the funniest- but you are a great listener and friend to me and i hope you have the best birthday ever!

i love you.


The Cutlers said...

That was so sweet! Happy Birthday Brittny. I have so many wonderful memories of Brittny myself. The summer before she got married was so much fun! Rollerblading was the best and we went and saw Runaway Bride with Ashley at the movies and she was all freaked out when we left because she didn't have a really fancy dress. We reassured her that she was way more beautiful than Julia Roberts. Brittany is soooo fun and such a good person. I also hope Brittany that you have a fantastic birthday!

melissa said...

hi brittany, nice to meet you.

Adam and Brittany Greene said...

too nice too nice

Erin said...

omg - i got teary at this one....brit is sooo cute! and so are you!