05 September 2008


for the last 16 hours or so i have been on strike:

i dont want to do any work related tasks (duh)

i got an email from that "greuler" race saying that they needed me to re-apply for the race since they messed up my application so i looked at the big old registration form again and i thought, "what?? no thank you." so i dont know if they already processed my $20 and i dont care.

i ignored the dishes and heard my cute husband doing them late last night and thought, "there's a lot of dishes in there, i should help him..." and then promptly fell asleep.

i was in a meeting with a client's family that took an extra hour and a half last night and it seemed as though all the other adults in the meeting were pruposely TRYING to make it longer and more boring, while all the while in my head i was sreaming, "AHHHHH! are you kidding me? i want to get home and hold my son and cuddle up with my husband and watch a movie! heeeelllllpppppp!"

i havent actually jogged since the race on monday

what else should i whine about? :)

in other words, i know i have to drag amby to supervisions today (just in laie though, no biggie) and i have a meeting tonight, but other than that- we are lying around our house in PJs, cuddling up, playing with toys, coloring, and making no plans to do anything but enjoy.


echo said...

you work so hard for your family. you deserve a break from all of those work related things and whatever other things take away from family time. i seriously will do anything to help you out. really, anything. oh, maybe i will bring over some cookies or something and i won't even stay to visit. you can just sit at home with your family and eat cookies. or maybe mochi ice cream, i know you like that. maybe i will bring you some of that and you can sit with your family and eat ice cream. that always works for me:)

liko said...

i'm in there with echo. i hope you enjoy the rest of your friday -- and the weekend!!

Roeckers said...

WOW I thought I was the only one that had weeks like that. I was more than content to sit around in PJ's until the three neighbour girls came over this morning (taking a mental health day-skipping school). They wanted a ride to teh donut shop. I gladly got dressed and we all piled in the van for a much desired sugar fest.

ashley said...

why is it fun to read about others complaints? it must be the fact that it makes you realize your not the only one.
hope all the work is done soon so you can relax and enjoy! missed you today, but am sure we will see you soon.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yeah, i like reading about other peoples problems for the same reason- but i think i like putting the good and bad on my blog because then i get it out and it usually makes me feel better about it all. drama-rama. :)

Keoni and Sheila said...

I like to hear stuff like that too. It makes me feel normal on those bad days that I have. You should go buy yourself some ice cream and have your husband give you a massage by order of me

Erin said...

LOVE you for this post. so you. and i am obsessed with you of course.