24 September 2008

natalie in the middle

some people like attention (i wouldn't say this as much NOW, but i might have come out of the womb screaming for my parents to cuddle me and watch me do a cool trick or two). some other people just do everything perfectly and efficiently, are always supportive and happy for others, and are caring, insightful, smart, soothing, funny, happy and they are wonderful and humble enough to not want any attention for it. it's just who they are.i hate to embarrass you nat, but i just wanted you to know that you are one of those quiet heroes that everybody is better for knowing and you deserve some credit- big time!

my sister natalie is the oldest in our family of four girls and she takes care of everybody whether she realizes it or not. we all need her and look up to her. she was the first one to have children in the family too so, incidentally, her children are all our children as well. i think everyone feels some sort of claim on her kids because they were our first babies and they are so much fun!
and one other thing I want to say about natalie is that she is so humble because she is totally unaware of how lovely she is. she's always making some joke about herself, but i hope she knows how beautiful she is and how much i hope to be like her inside and out someday. nat, i love you! but i'm not the only one. i thought you should know what your family thinks about you:
Dad and Mom via phone:
Dad: words you would use to describe natalie: dependable, perfect, a pleaser (although he wasnt sure you would be happy to hear that- haha), supportive BIG TIME, fun to be with, a listening ear, his psychotherapist on your morning walks--"We couldn't live without any of our children, but the truth is we couldn't live without Natalie because she is here making our lives possible. She kind of parents us a little bit."
Mom:compassionate, sensitive, efficient, wonderful--"She is just the glue of our family and she reassures everyone. All of you girls are reassuring in different ways for me: Brit is funny, you are always trying to put things in perspective for us, Ashley is honest, and Natalie is that tender reassurance, the soft shoulder. You know what I am impressed with most is that she is a content person... that's a great quality!"
Brittany via email:"Something Nat and I talk about a lot is how weird it is to be responsible and prompt when others are not taking things seriously :). It makes for some frustrating moments, but there is no learning... she can't be unreliable even if she wants to. Nat is without guile and is sympathetic to others more often than she is critical. She can be very sensitive (especially when overweight highschool boys are sitting alone and looking sad or when Shania Twain is on Oprah). She is a great wife and mom. And she is always fun to talk to... sometimes we resort to limiting our phone time at the beginning of a daily conversation, only to enjoy breaking our own self-inflicted limits because we are on a great topic. Love you Nat!"
and now for Ashley via phone:
"I dont want this to sound cheesy, but it's true: the kindest person i know, goes out of her way to make sure everyone is happy and comfortable, sweetest person ever (she inserts again- I know, it sounds like something people just say- but with Natalie it is actually true!), very sincere, certainly the nicest one in the family (to which i scoffed and then agreed - haha), so overly thoughtful too!" and then adds, "Most of my best memories of Natalie are from my first year at BYU-Provo when she and Brody and Zac were living close by. She would pick me up, drive me around, make me dinner, let me stay over and even sleep in her bed when Brody was gone, and just be my mother away from home."

Nat, we are all so grateful for all you do for us- from your friendship, to support, to your kind influence! So, as your favorite time of year rolls around (HALLOWEEN!!), take time to enjoy and know that your family loves you!


Melissa said...

geeze, you have an AMAZING family!!

these little posts help me to
understand better, why your such an awesome/cool person. I have always wondered what your family is like, thanks for the insight!

p.s.--you are the most thoughtful person ever.

Natalie said...

Wow- just doing my daily check in of your blog and was not expecting that! My face is bright red, but I have to admit it was a nice post.

Thanks for that Steph! You guys are all too nice, but hopefully some of it is true. :-)

You always have such a nice way of putting things.

echo said...

you are very blessed to have such a cool family.

melissa said...

oh yeah, i'm not surprised your family is all a-to the -wesome.

i wish i could meet them all.

In.A.Nutshell said...

so, uh, can i be your sister? :)

seriously awesome steph. it's cool to see the love in your family.

liko said...

totally awesome tribute to your sister! so nice!! i miss mine!!

liko said...

oh, and do you want my toddler bed and mattress?? trying to make free up some room in my house. my daughter only used it for a short while. didn't even use it with my son. and now their in a bunkbed. let me know...

modestmuse said...

Wow, I want Natalaie --whoops, spelled that wrong, but it kinda works!-- to be my sister! We did Myers-Briggs stuff at work today, and I'm seeing the F all over the place here :)

liko said...

haha!! my belly is bigger than that when i'm NOT EVEN pregnant!!!

liko said...

*they're (correcting my typo from a previous comment up top)

Alli said...

It's things like this that make me sorry I never had a sister! So sweet.

diana palmer said...

these are so double trouble sweet. shows the sweetness of those you love and your own. i'm going to copy you and write a tribute to my sister.