15 September 2008

today he is a stay at home baby

saturday night he was a get outta here and practice your music daddy:

he got to spend time with his (band) mates:

photograph the night:

and spray paint the sky:

i used the time to have taylor and anna over. we watched some freaks and geeks and had some take-out. anna wore new maternity clothes and taylor dispursed expert advice/knowledge on food, actors in the show we were watching and a side project job.


ashley said...

um, i love these pictures. love them.

and i will call you about tomorrow!

boo face mcjones said...

um, i also loved all of these pictures.

and um, i LOVE freaks and geeks and am slightly offended i wasn't invited over... but i suppose i'll recover sometime.

echo said...

sounds like a fun night.

diana palmer said...

some people have all the talent.
and all the episodes of freaks and geeks.
and....my heart.

Bille said...

love freaks and geeks. really like those night pictures too, sherbet colour goodness.

liko said...

i am with ashley -- LOVE the night shots, the colors of the sunset and the city lights. beau-ti-ful.

ashley said...

hello again.
tomorrow night, 8:30. if you have it, bring some fabric, a needle, an embroidery hoop and floss.
call me. actually i will call you tomorrow am to see if you are going to preschool.

Maggie May said...

that second picture of your boy is priceless, a definite blow up, frame and hang! i love your blog. great pictures and vibe.

lindsey said...

I love those night time pics. So awesome. And the one of Ambros with the guitar is priceless.