16 September 2008

the world isnt flat

here's thomas' scientific proof:

O gift of God! a perfect day,
Whereon no man should work but play,
Whereon it is enough for me,
Not to be doing but to be.

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I love being home and playing with my Ambrose.

-Stephanie Joy Robertson ;)

and now to get a little churchy in closing: thomas and i went to the temple saturday morning. i dont know why i let so much time lapse in between visits. GO TO THE TEMPLE. if you are busy, make time. if you need a babysitter, get one. you probably wont be spending that money on anything more worthwhile. i am saying this to myself mostly, but also to all the people that i love so much (that's you). nothing earth shattering happened except for my complete resolve to be better, happier, and do more good in my life.


modestmuse said...

You are so right -- we went Fri. (for the first time since we were married! It's been waaayyy too long!)and it was really nice. We showed up at 10 a.m. for a friend's wedding -- and found out it wouldn't be till 1 p.m.! But then it was perfect, we left and got breakfast and came back and had a really nice time doing a session and spending time together. Totally put us in an awesome mood to enjoy the sealing (rather than coming down from the just-got-out-of-rush-hour feeling we had at 10 a.m.). Thanks for the reminder to be more vigilant!

echo said...

i was actually just thinking about this. i was going to ask you if you wanted to switch off i watch ambi so you can go during the week and you watch addy so i can go. what do ya think?

Kathleen said...

I am trying to go to the temple at least once a week. My usual time was going to be 6pm on Thursdays, but I might need to change that since I started working for Sister Lambert. You should totally feel welcome to join me during that session (or whichever session I'm going to regularly, in the future).

Melissa said...

that Stephanie Joy Robertson sure does have a lot of good things to say.

I love that quote!

Bille said...

agreed. I always think, oh I feel so good here. What took me so long to come back? And then I am reminded that it is all so simple, life that is, and what is really important.

Carrie said...

Hey and I would add to that; if you haven't done initiatories in a while DO THEM. Not to mention that solves the babysitter issue. Ben had guard duty last weekend during our date night so I decided to go and do initiatories by myself and let me tell you, most spiritual experience I've had at the temple, ever. It was so amazing and now I want everyone to go and enjoy the same incredible experience.

The temple really is an amazing place. Isn't it strange that it is so hard for all of us (myself completely included here) to get there more often?

boo face mcjones said...

so right about the temple. we hadn't been for a few months because of the many, many moves this summer. we went last weekend and it was AMAZING. we were so happy to be there that we stayed after our session to do some sealings, and that was the cherry on top.

man, now i want to go again. and i think i'll have to do some initiatories per carrie's suggestion.

darcie said...

we went last week (we were in serious procrastination) and i left feeling on top of the world. it's true that there is nothing more valuable to do with a couple hours.

ashley said...

amen on the temple topic. love to go there. did you know it is closing in jan for a long time for remodeling? so get your fill in now! i will watch amb if you want to go again soon.

and i will see you soon miss light house see scape embroider lady.

Melissa said...

thanks steph!!!
it's okay to buy them from etsy, cause I NEED feedback. I'll just refund you the shipping tho.
thanks a ton lady!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i love having so many wonderful temple going friends! how cool is that??

and melissa- done and done. ordered and excited. :)

Ali Flegal said...

Awesome Steph!

Thanks for the temple reminder. My in-laws are coming tomorrow. It would be the perfect thing for Andrew and I to do on a night out.