17 September 2008

ashley, echo, mel c, and mel p in the middle


i am so impressed with some of my highly crafty friends these days. i have even snatched up a few of their items and you should too! there is something brilliant about owning something expertly made by a person you know.

ashley moffat- she taught like ten girls (of varying levels...me being the worst-haha) how to embroider last night. seriously, so paitient and a great teacher.

her etsy site is called: kolohekids

(sorry, if i was one of those cool people who could create a link for you to just click on i would... just copy and paste though and maybe when thomas gets home tonight i'll have him show me how for the millionth time!)
here are some of my favorites from ashley's page:

echo allred is always coming up with new craft projects that she would like to wear/have and then she makes them so well they are worth selling. i think that is why others like them so much too. i dont know any girl who would turn down a stylish, comfortable headband that actually stays put in your hair!

her etsy site is called: jaceyecho
here are some of my favorites from echo's page:

melissa crosby took a sewing class a while back and she must have got her money's worth because she has been turning out some great baby slings that are really really cute! i know for a fact that she will custom make one if you dont see a fabric on her page that tickles your fancy.

her etsy is called: happykai
here are some of my favorites from melissa c's:

and in alphabetical order- last but certainly not least:
melissa peterson is my dear friend. we traveled europe together in 2004 and she has been inspiring me to be more creative ever since. she recently married someone who shares her passion for creating beautiful things, restoring the old to the new and fabulous, and letting that creativity shine in all they make and do.

her etsy site is called: mariemo
here are some of my favorites from mel p's page and my-oh-my that blanket is lovely and looks like it took some serious work!

so buy handmade! everything is so reasonably priced and so one of a kind. you know what is also cool about all of these girls- they are all extremely dedicated to their families- i like that. good job ladies- you have inspired me to make something... saty tuned...


echo said...

thanks for the highlight steph! you are awesome!
by the way, yours was one of the best pieces from last nights class. a light house scene, i mean, that was pretty darn good.
can't wait to see your surprise.

melissa said...

you are so nice. the nicest. so nice. love you. m

liko said...

yes, you ALL inspire me, in one way or another. so creative, since being in your company on beach days alone and seeing all your etsy shops makes me wanna try my hand at sewing and embroidering and just creating SOMEthing. i want to de-clutter and make my house cute. a work in progress. and once i have a bit of income myself, i will buy handmade!!! and maybe open an etsy shop of my own!

Emily said...

i hate suspense.

Melissa said...

hey lady thanks! your too nice!

ashley said...

you just make me smile! thanks for the shout out.

how did you like coconut records? i am dying to know!

The Prigmore Family said...

Um excuse me but I MUST HAVE THAT WAVE SHIRT for the Choob. not that he'll wear it because I can only get him to wear one of two things nowadays: star wars shirt or penguin pajamas. Both of which are too small for him.

Maylin said...

Such cool stuff...it makes me wish I were more crafty. Thank goodness for etsy.

diana palmer said...

unfortunately this is a case of would if i could for me. but i totally support these amazing crafters in spirit, which unfortunately has no monetary value. sorry guys.

diana palmer said...

unfortunately this is a case of would if i could for me. but i totally support these amazing crafters in spirit, which unfortunately has no monetary value. sorry guys.