19 September 2008



listening to the first act of the episode: "Enforcers" above on this american life the other night made my billing stack fly by. it was so so hilarious and then a little weird at the end.

two days later, by sheer coincidence, i am rewarded with this timely email:
"Dear beloved,

Due to the sudden death of my husband General Abacha the former head of state of Nigeria in June 1998, I have been thrown into a state of hopelessness by the present administration.I have lost confidence with anybody within my country. I got your contacts through personal research,and had to reach you through this medium. I will give you more details when you reply.

Due to security network placed on my daily affairs I cant visit the embassy so that is why I have contacted you.My husband deposited $12.6million dollars with a security firm abroad whose name is witheld for now till we communicate. I will be happy if you can receive this funds and keep it safe I assure you something good out of the funds in return for your assistance. I will need your telephone/mobile numbers so that we can commence communication.please read and reply back asap with your telephone number.

Sincerely Yours,

Hajia Mariam."

sweet! so, of course, i replied:
"Oh no, I don't have a phone anymore! How will we get in contact? I have really had my eye on this Dancing with the Stars game for Nintendo Wii and this money would come in handy. Video games aren't free ya know.

Can you give me more details now that I've replied?

It's nice to have a friend.

belovedly yours,


so, uh ,yeah, what are the awesome odds of getting one of these little gems two days after listening to a hilarious program about them. usually i just delete these things and go on my merry way, but those weirdos on the show inspired me... although i dont think any traveling, broken legs, or lying about dead mothers will be involved. i'm only 3/4 nerd, not full nerd. i wonder what hajia will say in response? hopefully he/she doesn't respond with some weird computer virus.


In.A.Nutshell said...

genius. pure genius, you are.

lizzie said...

"belovedly yours." HA! I love it. I hope you get your video game.

Emily said...

So I totally heard this on the radio a few days ago! I came home and told Spencer about it and we both got a big kick out of it. Sometimes we like to mess with telemarketers...

diana palmer said...

will you tell me when you get the money?

since reading about you listening to this american life to make your work flow go faster way back who knows when, i do the same thing when editing pictures. thanks friend.

so its sort of like,

"and even though i know how very far apart we are, it helps to think we might be wishing on the same bright star...." (myra's favorite song was never more applicable).

Alli said...

Ummm...my dad spends many hours replying to junk mail and scam email...for fun. My mom wonders when he is going to clean the garage. He says he doesn't have time. But honestly, I would rather have a fun, eccentric dad than a dad with just a clean garage.