29 October 2008

french chef baby and the roger allred family...

i finally went to a craft night and it was a big drama before hand because i am really not being modest when i say i dont know how to sew or make things. so, i knew i had an apron to make for ambrose's halloween costume (french chef...perhaps with a mustache if his snotty nose goes away...) and i knew the girls at craft night could assist me, but i told thomas "it's kind of like going to an NBA game and asking the players to stop playing a really fun game to explain the rules of basketball to me." these girls are seriously awesome at what they do.

so awesome in fact that the apron got done! ashley moffat is a good good lady and practically held my hand and made it herself and now i feel like i have some sewing know-how: yahoooo!

and thanks to katie for lending me her tape measure- i left mine at home- which ended up being a good thing because thomas took a picture of it while i was gone and now i have a cool image to go with this post:
Fifty Nine

french chef apron finished: check.

then, later that night i had an odd dream and i am not even sure where it all came from, but roger allred family, if you check this blog at all: i dreamt that our entire family (grandkids included) and your entire family sat on the same row at church (they have nine kids and most of them have kids of their own by now) and then went on a big trip in a large RV later that day... altogether!

odd :)

i kept wondering where ambrose was and then i would look over and see laura, teresa, landon, or roger holding him and playing with him and i would be like, "oh good." and go back to what i was doing... i knew he was in good hands. :)

so, those are my random thoughts for this wednesday morning. off to talk ambrose out of his fourth piece of candy for the morning... this will be no easy task.


Natalie said...

I cannot wait to see the French chef baby! I may need my own copy of that picture.

Your dream sounds like a good one. I think an extended vacation with the Allred fam sounds really fun. They are all some of the best people you will ever know.

ashley said...

thomas is so creative, that picture of the tape measure is super cool.
i can't wait to see amby in his costume!

we should all designate a spot (say a moana street corner) and all meet up so we can see everyones kids all dressed up. that would be really fun!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

that would be really fun- let's do it! we can coordinate it at beach day or whatever. i want to see all the kiddos in their costumes too!

liko said...

there's a craft night? is that for enrichment, or you girls all get together and do crafts?? i really need to learn how to sew. and all you girls are creative. i feel inept. awesome that you're sewing his chef apron.

Ashley said...

Ambrose would be in good hands with the Allred family. That sounds like such a fun dream. Lets plan a big Hawkins/Allred party in the future.

Melissa said...

well that sounds like an adorable costume for the little amby man. Can't wait to see pics.

melissa said...

you have beach day AND craft night?! awesomeness. can i come?

diana palmer said...

that last picture is delicious. i want it on my wall though, nut in my stomach. and i want to poke french chef baby's chubby tummy. i can see the light bulb that must have been dinging when you two cooked up that idea.

i'm glad you faced a fear and have an apron to show for it. don't worry, none of that handy sewing over here. we used fabric glue. when i saw it on a walmart aisle, i thought, "yes, all my troubles are over."

Tyler & Katy said...

He looks so cute in his costume! I love it. What a random dream. I don't think Ive ever had a dream about the Allreds and Im related to them!