07 October 2008

hurry up and have a listen!

before the cd release party on saturday, upstanding youth is letting everyone listen to their tracks! they are rotating them every couple of days so the first two songs are new songs and the last two or so are oldies. these will only be up for about two days at a time and then it's on to different tracks all leading up to the big show at coffee talk saturday night. fun stuff!

Click Here
to go to their myspace page where you can hear two of my favorite tracks: Warning Call and Wailing and Gnashing... (oh yeah, and i cant vouch for the comments section of the page- if there's inappropriate stuff on there please shield your tender little eyes. i dont even scroll down, just enjoy the music.)

turn it up real loud (that's the only way to really listen to something) and get ready to dance because, especially on Warning Call, you wont be able to resist moving around at least a little bit. i dont know what it is... good rhythm or something ;)

and speaking of rhythm, oh man, the drum roll at the very end of Warning Call, right before the awesome gang vocals makes my heart go pitter-patter. i love that t-rob, i do.

anyway, enjoy!!


echo said...

LOVE the new album!!! can't wait for the show.my fav- flying v. i can't get over the higher register that marc has to sing in. totally in l...o...v....e

Bille said...


diana palmer said...

by the by, listened to two songs and they were SO awesome. it's so hard to process that they are like a "for real," band that's gone on tour with oodles kaboodles of talent. they sound mature and good. thomas seriously rocks the drums. he is a man of many talents.