02 October 2008

more herbal tea, more camera phone, more wallowing in pajamas

i was like, hmmmm, did i spell wallowing right? and looked it up only to be met with this definition: To roll the body about indolently or clumsily in or as if in water, snow, or mud.

yep, that sounds about right.

well, while watching the kids yesterday i thought, my throat is a little scratchy. it is probably from sleeping with my mouth all agape, right in front of the fan all night... but it wasn't. it got worse and worse all day long and by mid-afternoon i was curled up on my bed, achy, and hot, and sore. poor little amby boy kept bringing me things (slippers- which means he wants to go outside, a bowl of tortilla chips- not sure how he got those, a plastic dog that is his favorite, books- which i would read to him from the far end of the bed). he was beside himself and so bored.

it got worse and i called thomas and asked him to bring home medicine, and lemons. he also picked up dinner, took care of amby and all the bed time routine, did the dishes, catered to my every request, and slept on the couch. i love my sweet thomas.

all night i went in between being freezing and shivering or being so hot and sweaty that i had to strip down and get up and splash water on myself and drink cup after cup of ice cold water. it was miserable.

i am so worried that i got addy sick or that i will get my family sick. thomas thinks that i might have gotten this from amby, but i am not coughing so i don't know. if this is what he had i feel so bad, because he cant tell us he has the chills or a sore throat and it is not fun!

anyway, i am not working today needless to say. i am wallowing in my pajamas, drinking lemon and honey tea, and dodging my cuddly little boy, which is also sad, but it will be more sad if he gets this.

he's enjoying lots of tv, eating yogurt all by himself (where did the spoon go??), clanking pots and pans all around the house, and riding on my back since that is the only physical contact i can think of that shouldn't infect him.


melissa said...

oh cheer up.

how do you make your tea?

poor stephie.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

heehee- you like that label heh? i need to tell myself to cheer up from time to time :)

i just boil hot water and squeeze a whole lemon into it and squirt some honey in and tada! that's it. if you are making anything with fresh herbs and dont have your own bags you can just knot it up with string (or lemon grass like i did yesterday) and then pour boiling water over that and let it sit for a bit.

got your card miss. love you.

lizzie said...

I got that bug a few times in Hawaii. Honey lemon tea did wonders for me. And Micah never got it from me, so maybe Ambrose is safe. I sure hope so, for all of your sake's. Feel better soon.

diana palmer said...

guess you better start nursing ambrose again, you know its like immunization....

i know, inappropriate. i kinda grossed myself out.

actually, i'm so sad for you. i hope this bug knows who he's dealing with and decides to zip the heck out of that household.

liko said...

yeah, when mom gets sick it makes you wonder if this is how miserable your kid(s) felt/feel. and how they handle it so well and still want to play! while you just wanna lay in bed and SLEEP. well, maybe that's just me. hope your health is restored soon! if you ever need someone to watch amby or take him to play, holler. both my kids are home, faith is on break. and we didn't get doug's bug, so hopefully yours doesn't get shared with the rest of the family. it is possible. and then again, you could have what amby had.

linds, Seth and Baby Rae said...

there must be something going around Laie because I have the same thang goin' on over here too. I was tired all day long, looking forward to going to bed that night, but then it gets worse at night to the point that I cant sleep!Gerrrr.

I hope you get better soon.

In.A.Nutshell said...

1. amen to diana. i haven't been sick in ... count 'em - 6 months.

2. i miss you. a bit odd, i know, seeing as you're about 1/2 mile around the corner and i could swing my ol' self by anytime, and it's not that we see each other on a daily basis anyways, but today i missed steph r. so get well so that we can play.

3. seagull story ... HILARIOUS!!! i laughed out loud, then i read it to case, and we both laughed out loud. full-on belly undulating laugh. (did i use undulating correctly?)

Ali Flegal said...

Sorry to hear you're not well!

Being sick when you're a Mom is awful. There's no such thing as calling in 'sick'... I hope Ambrose is spared the misery.

It's a testament to the fact that you're an amazing Mom that you show such concern about how your illness is effecting Ambrose, than you are at focusing your own ailments.

Anna K. said...

Oh Stephanie! I hope you feel better! I just called you before I realized that you weren't feeling so great. The definition of wallowing is funny. Get well soon my dear friend!

Melissa said...

oh poor lady.

are you better, today? We can watch the amby man if you're not. Let me know.