03 October 2008

humility after the sass

after my confessional the other day (you remember, my bad attitude towards babysitting) my dear, lovely friend matti offered to pick up ambrose and take him to aloha friday beach day...

and she did.

and he had so much fun and everyone helped out.

and i rested, and wallowed on my bed and watched pride and prejudice, and drank water, chicken broth, and ate toast, and still felt sick, but didnt feel guilty that i had a bored little boy to look after while my body was achy and my throat was sratchy because he was having a blast at the beach with his friends!

now he's back and happy, and tired/worn out, showered down and eating lunch and next will have a nap. this might be the best sick day ever.

thank you matti! thank you aloha friday beach friends! i feel so grateful.


Natalie said...

I am so sorry you are sick! Get well soon so you can keep up with that precious boy.

ashley said...

lemon and honey with hot water remind me of my great-grandma (from your last post).

bummer that your under the weather, i felt so silly when you called and i had no idea! that's what i get for not checking blogs the last 2 days... it was fun to have amby at the beach, but i missed your laugh, i will be honest.

hope your back to normal soon, being sick is the worst. the worst.

Matti said...

Pleasure was all mine really. He was a great kid and Eden's been dying to see her boy forever. Maybe this is why she has been crying herself to sleep at night. So, my intensions were purely selfish just to keep Eden happy. Glad you got some quiet time and Amby got some play time...anytime friend...anytime.

The Prigmore Family said...

Umm I'm totally with you on the babysitting thing. Remember when I paid you guys to watch my cat?!! And then he broke the printer and chewed through my underwear. Awesome. Totally not embarrassing at all.