20 October 2008

something fun! something fun!

we're gonna do something fun today!

(i dont actually know what right now, but i am done with supervisions for the month and we are doing something fun today!)

here are the possibilities so far:
buy pumpkins and decorate them for FHE tonight
maybe go beach
go to buy stuff for bubba's halloween costume (we think we want him to be a chef...)
play at the park
clean the house (this is not fun- but entirely necessary right now)
bake apple pie since we have a ton of green apples from the produce co-op
i love fall- we may not have a ton of trees with fall colors around here, but we get the colors of the season one way or another. :)

well, i'm off to do something fun! maybe we'll do everything on that list... maybe not. hope you get to do something fun too!!


melissa said...

do the pie!

liko said...

sounds FUN!!! i am interested in the food co-op. how does that work??

echo said...

oh fun! i was totally planning on making a pie today too. half because i have been craving one and half because my mom comes into town tomorrow so i want her to have a special treat.

Melissa said...

okay, how is everyone in this "cool kid" produce co op? Is this something I should be trying harder to get into? It's 40 or 80 bucks a month? is it worth it?

your list sounds fun! and I really love how you brought up the point that we do have fall colors, even if it's not on the trees! what a fresh perspective, what a smart lady!

Martin said...


yesterday i ate a cara-mall.

and that is my fall poem.

in other news, oooohhh, is that the work of an underwater camera? and i'm so glad the billing cycle is over for now.

Martin said...

both martin's are diana

linds, Seth and Baby Rae said...

you are a good mom steph! Hope you had a ball.

In.A.Nutshell said...

hey woman, if you're free let's play!! i am fully intending on attending school tomorrow. yeah.

Meg and Corbin said...

I have been slacking on looking at blogs and I just saw the post about you being pregnant, and I wanted to say congrats! That is so exciting, can't wait to hear more.

liko said...

may i please have rachel bennett's number, por favor??

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hey mel. c- check liko's blog comments for a description on the co-op. im too lazy to type it again :)

Life with the Rich's said...

ooooo, that does sound fun. Let us know what you do.

ashley said...

i love that picture!

how is this session of school? actually, i will just call you to ask, i can't decide if we are in or not!