09 November 2008

all is as it should be

today i am thankful that everything has a place and that everything's in it's place.
(i love it when he tucks up his feet like a newborn babe)
thomas is finally home
ambrose is snug in bed after staying up and playing with dad for a bit
i am enjoying my second krispy kreme doughnut straight from maui

things are as they should be.
(oh dont worry, there's still more of these to come... hehehe)


Danielle said...

could you BE a cuter family? I think not.

liko said...

and i welcome more pictures. they are gorgeous. and that is so precious how ambrose tucks up his feet like that! i love the snuggles!!

echo said...

um. you look really skinny... jealous.

modestmuse said...

You are a seriously photogenic family.