10 November 2008

the bookish type

today i am thankful for any chance to get caught up in a good book! so, i really like to read. i almost feel overwhelmed by all of the wonderful books in the world that i haven't gotten around to yet as if there is some big english test i am going to take at the end of my life and if i miss one question i will have missed out on some great life lesson or wonderful story.

i have always loved to read and write too. maybe someday i will get serious about writing, but for now i continue to be serious about reading when i can.

i also think that you set a really great example for your kids when they see you reading. bubba watches me read every chance i get and he will stop what he is doing and go grab a book and start reading quietly or aloud to himself for a really long time. he really seems to enjoy it and few things could make me happier since reading is such a key and important part in anyone's education.

i am a part of a little blog reading group where we sometimes talk about what we are reading, sometimes talk about other delightful or hilarious everyday things, and sometimes we are just too busy. any interaction with those honestlyonto girls is a treat for me.

also, my friend echo started a little monthly book group that has an accompanying blog as well. this month is my month to choose the novel and have the group over. i chose, to kill a mockingbird. i have started reading and i think one or two others have too and i am loving it! many of us are re-reading and some for the first time. whether you too are a lover of books, or you are not much of a reader- i wanted to invite you to pick up a copy- get through the first couple of pages (that's what i have to do with most books) and then let yourself get into this familiar and wonderful novel. but you dont have to take my word for it...

oh, i know i am supposed to end on that reading rainbow exit line, but for those in the area, if you do end up reading it feel free to join our little movie night, hang-out at the end of the month at my house. email me at stephaniexrobertson(at)gmail(dot)com for details! happy reading!


melissa said...

did you like franny & zooey? i really liked it even though i didn't really understand/endorse all of it. i just love salinger's writing.

Logan and Rachel said...

You are right- there really is nothing quite like reading a good book. Right now we are reading "The Glass Castle" by Janette Walls and we are loving it. The best part is that it's all true!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i enjoyed franny and zooey for the most part- i really liked sec.1 and then sec.2 i found my mind wandering sometimes and thinking zooey was too self-important and his relationship with his mother was too harsh and made me cringe. but maybe that was the point. overall, it was a good read, glad i read it, but not an all time favorite and i agree salinger is so so fantastic!

rachel (or maybe logan)- (either way i am so happy to hear from either of you!!)- i have not read that one, but i can add it to my long list and i will get to it! i love good recommendations!

right now i am working my way through our personal bookshelf of thomas and my novels that we love or want to read someday. i am about four books in so far and loving it.

liko said...

i think books are invaluable treasures, and i love to get all the good classics for my kids, too. books are great! i have franny and zooey, never read it yet.

modestmuse said...

Tell me: How do you finish a book????

I have a lot started on my bedside and more crowding my shelves, and I want to -- but rarely do -- finish them. Help!

-- Illiterate or Overly Ambitious? in VA

lizzie said...

To Kill a Mockingbird is my all-time favorite book ever. I've read it probably 7 times and love it more every time. I wish I had time to read it with you. Maybe I'll pick it up when classes finish on Dec. 10 and join in the discussion then. :)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh megan i know just what you mean. i went through this really long period of time where i did the same exact thing and i told myself it was because i would get really excited about a book and start it but then get really excited about another and just have to start that one and before long i had five books by my bed that i was very excited about.

after recognizing my problem, i told myself that no matter what- i had to pick the one i liked the best and finish it... no matter how long it took and i couldnt start another until it was done. it sounds so simple but it is true. once i did that once or twice i havent really had the problem since. just plug away- you can do it :) haha

lizzie- i am glad to hear it! i secretly knew that about you and chose the book accordingly so you would think we were kindred spirits. join us whenever you can!