11 November 2008

a holiday with an anthropologie poem

today i am thankful for days off. i havent worked much lately anyway, but i didnt feel like taking ambrose to preschool today and was happy to realize that i didnt have to feel guilty about it since it's a holiday and there was no school anyway! yahoo- it's like a snow day.

the promise of snow (well, ok not here, but just close your eyes and imagine it)
the scent of trees
a feeling so magical
Christmas Glee!
-the anthropologie website is feeding my christmas obsession!

and speaking of snow: i miss cold weather clothes. sometimes it is nice to live an endless summer, but sometimes it's kind of boring.

wouldn't it be fun to put on one of these right about now without sweating your face off?

some of us around here try to just pretend it's cold enough to warrant something wintry every so often and then end up carrying a coat around all night. well, maybe someday i'll live somewhere with drastically changing seasons and when that day comes i can complain that it is way too cold and say, "remember when i used to live in paradise??"
oh, and speaking of cool clothes- check this guy out- i want his shoes and his moves!
i really love this song that my friend ashley clued me into by coconut records and someone put it up on youtube with a pretty awesome and unique skateboarding video. no, seriously, it is crazy and cool and amazing to me. enjoy!


melissa said...

uh, yeah, it is fun to put on stuff like that. and it's been about that perfect amount of cold here where you need your jacket. we sure have a couple of seasons here...but no spring

melissa said...

what i meant is that it's that perfect amount of cold where you need your jacket but you can still wear your MINI! (wow, that is one mini mini)

kimball said...

I wear cool clothes like that all the time around here.

Melissa said...

I really like that song.
yesterday chad put on a coat and a hat at jcrew and we had a tiny wish that we could actually wear them around. but then who wants to move away from paradise? it's a toss up I guess.

Our Family! said...

I Love Anthropologie! I was almost the store manager for one of the first stores in Boston. The company was going to call it "Suburban Outfitters" (because it's owned by Urban Outfitters- But then we moved to Cali.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

mel p- great wheather! jealous jealous.

papel- YOU COMMENTED ON MY BLOG!!!! yahooooo! this is a great day in history for me. :) and you are a stylish one.

mel c- where is j crew? waikele? i bet chad looked sharp.

jen- that would be so cool! werent you manager at the limited or something also cool like that? i just remember thinking you were (and still are) so stylish and hip.

boo face mcjones said...

i heart anthropologie. big time. we went on saturday, and i tried on really cute clothes. i ended up getting the only thing i could afford--a ring that jesse is giving me for our anniversary (he is so thoughtful).

liko said...

i, too, have been visiting the anthropologie site. very cute things. the sweaters and skirts -- oh, i wish i could make my own! but i do live in hawaii, and i need to be satisfied with just admiring via the web for the moment.

Adam and Brittany Greene said...

steph- i love that video and i will show it to my boys when they wake up in the morning. they will love it! for a minute i wondered if it was thomas- all tall and thin and very artistic. just kidding...

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

britt- i was just waiting for someone to notice that it was thomas all along :)

modestmuse said...

Trust me, you're not missing anything. Actually, it IS kinda fun to wear scarves and cute jackets, but I just get annoyed with JCrew and Anthro and their ridiculous prices, and head to Target. I'm also very bummed because I will leave here Jan. 28 (winter) and go to B.A., where their seasons are flip-flopped and I will be in summer. And then it will be fall and winter ... I will miss SPRING, my favorite season!! :(