12 November 2008

about that video from yesterday

i showed thomas that video i put on my blog yesterday and he was like, "that's cool. i think that's the guy with one fake leg."

so i looked it up and yes, mark gonzales indeed has one prosthetic leg.
i thought it was a cool video anyway and now i am extra impressed.

i bought a skateboard my first year in hawaii since i needed a mode of transportation and i got around, but let's not kid ourselves... sometimes i just couldn't make it look cool at all. at all.

and i have two regular legs.

mark gonzales is cool.

today i am impressed with and thankful for a husband who always seems to know these random factoids- about everything.

oh yeah, and that song on the video was by coconut express which is indeed this guys band:
for any jason schwartzman fans like me. good stuff.


Melissa said...

I thought something was up with his legs caus at one point during the video he got up and adjusted it.

also what is that jason guy in?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

the biggest ones i can think of are:

the darjeeling limited
marie antoinette (a person favorite!)
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
i heart huckabees
but his first and most famous is: rushmore

many of these are rated-r... i know, but you can get all of them at clean flix i am pretty sure if that aint yo thang.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh yeah, and when thomas said that he was the guy with one leg i thought of that part too and thought- OH! that makes more sense now!

Taylor said...

yes i plan on making jason schwartzman my lover on the side...after i marry jason mraz of course.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hey taylor! would this be blog comment no.1?? so delighted! :)

ashley said...

no way taylor, he is my lover on the side. loves on coconut records!

ashley said...

who is taylor anyways? and i forgot to say thanks for the thank you card, it made me smile really really big!

Our Family! said...

Loved the song and the video. I remember "gonz" from back in the day!

boo face mcjones said...

"nice nurse's outfit, guy."
"actually, these are O.R. scrubs."
"OH, ARE they?"

if i had a nickle for every time i watched that film or lovingly quoted lines from it. i knew you and i were destined to be pals.

The Prigmore Family said...

Um Jason is like Dan's idol. Well, him and luke skywalker and frodo baggins. I was so excited to tell Dan that he had a band and I was like Dan guess what, Jason has a band, and he's all yeah it's called phantom planet. my response was ,Well I guess he has 2 bands then so there. Have you seen bottlerocket?
I think The hitchikers guide is on the top of my hatred list. Dan loves it. Mostly b/c of that song goodbye and thanks for all the fish. Damn that song and it's catchiness.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i didnt know he was in phantom planet?? i thought that was a different guy... what do i know... i dont know them as well- just know they since CALIFORNIAAAAAAAAAAAAA, here we cooooooooommmmmeee :) love that song no matter what.

and i have never actually seen hitchhikers guide to the galaxy but my nephews on the robertson side like the sing that song too so i DO know that song!! i'll have to watch it sometime after your stellar recommendation :)

darcie said...

i tend to like the whole family. jason's brother as your probably know is the lead singer of rooney. did you know their uncle is francis ford coppola?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

actually, i dont think i knew they were related but i had a mad crush on him back in the day of princess diaries... that's the guy right? :)

what a cool family.