05 November 2008


hmmmm... what to be thankful for today?

could it be the fact that i literally worked all day long and entertained a child the best i could at the same time

could it be driving all over the island, being late to everything and getting ditched again

could it be that i have a drippy nose and sore throat... again

could it be that ambrose spent the long work day in soaked pants because he dropped soda in his car seat and soaked the whole thing at the beginning of the day

could it be that i have morning, afternoon, and night sickness

could it be that i have laundry, work, and dishes pilled up

could it be that my husband is leaving for a couple of days and nights soon

wah wah, poor me....

today i am thankful for perspective, a faint light at the end of a very long tunnel, and perhaps a great big sighing heaving giving in to the fact that i am not perfect (duh), i cant do it all, i cant do much right now actually (pass me my 5,000 tissue of the evening), i am tired and over it and that's ok. i am thankful for that oddly enough. what a relief.


boo face mcjones said...

ah friend, sorry to hear that you are having a sad day. in my opinion, all of those things allow for a bit of moping.

it sounds silly, but i take comfort in telling myself that it's ok to have bad days. it makes them feel bearable. i suppose it's all part of finding joy in the journey, as our dear prophet encouraged us to do.

Sofia Deyanira said...

Sounds like you need to be with Thomas and let it out. Sounds like you also have a lot on your plate, and I think I know how it feels to have chaos, and uncontrollable chaos at that. But, Thomas loves you and Amby loves you and you just need to take a deep breath and take things one step at a time, right? Maybe decide what is important, and what's not, don't focus so much energy on. That's what I am trying to do right now so I can get through school alive.

diana palmer said...

sigh, i'm not happy about this. i feel protective of you. be gone bad days! get lost round two of soar throat yuckiness! shape up ambrose (okay, maybe i actually think everything he does is adorable and endearing, and doubly adorable in sticky soda pants, can't help it). be careful in there baby number two (sounds like the sickness is tuffer this time, no?).

this is MY friend stephanie you're dealing with. she's special, and she needs a break.

ashley said...

getting sick on top of it all is like the cherry on the crap pie. sorry. you wanna bring the little man over to play and you can have some alone time? i know he would probably be freaked out by all us girls, but it could work... if you really are getting sick, i think i might have to bring you some soup tomorrow night. let me know.

liko said...

i'm amazed you can see the positive in all that blah-ness. hope you feel better! never that fun when husbands are gone. totally feel you. but sometimes when i have as crappy a day as that, i feel stuck in a hole and have a hard time wanting to climb out again...but i do. eventually.
do you work on certain days, or is your schedule tentative?
what are you craving lately?
i can pick up my giveaway tomorrow, what time?

Melissa said...

oh man-you are one tough lady!

here's my idea:
ditch your job, give Ambrose to anyone of us Hawaii ladies who adore you both--and would be more than willing to take him all day. And do whatever, rest and relax, anything.

seriously when can I take him?

Bille said...

I am sorry you are having a rough day my friend. I wish I could make you a nice cup of herbal tea and let you take a wee nap.

May I suggest a remedy for that cold of yours? I know it can be annoying to have lots of advice on this subject, but I used it this week to ward off a cold. I usually do this in the shower. I make a saline solution, just some warm water and salt, get some sort of bottle, or in a pinch a plastic funnel, stick it in your nose and pour the solution down it so your sinuses get cleaned out, and the germs are killed. The water should run out into your mouth or down your throat (if you can keep from gagging). I promise this helps out a TON. I heard on NPR some singer does the same thing whenever he feels the tickle of a cold in his throat. Also Zicam, if you can use that when you are pregnant. If you try it out I hope it helps.

I like the fresh white blog.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

bille! i've heard about this but never trusted it because it sounded too crazy like i would drown or choke while doing it- but now that i have your personal experience to back it up i'll do it! i'll do anything to be rid of this annoyance!

liko said...

i heard about that same treatment, remedy, sinus-clearing/cleaning deal and i forget what they call it, but dr. oz demonstrated it on oprah, and he showed a way where it doesn't go down your throat. you tilt your head forward and look either to the left or right, lean over the sink or do it in the shower, and you pour it into the top nostril and it should come streaming out of the bottom one. it is good for allergies and stuff. i had two sisters i went to massage school with who would do it and it works. i forget what the thing is called that you use to pour it into your nostril. it kinda looks like the lamp that the genie lives in on aladdin.
did you get anything out of this confusing comment i typed??