24 November 2008

just finish that project already

first: today i am thankful for chances to hear baby no. 2's heart beat this morning, cold medicine that pregnant women can take, a date with ambrose this afternoon, and thomas again for waltzing in early from work to pick up the pieces and take care of everything so his sick wife could get some rest. nice.

ok, on to THE PROJECT i finished!! (dont get too excited...)

i started a blanket in like august of 2007 i think (is that right kristen?). it was supposed to be a large, light weight nursing blanket for ambrose since i could nurse him in the middle of a posh restaurant with my other one and no one even knew.

"my other one" was made by my aunt patti. it was/is awesome.

this one... not as awesome but bubba loves it and i am fond of it for the following reasons:
1. it is kind of my first sewing project since i made those boxer shorts and scarlet o'hara costume in jr. high with my mom

2. it took forever- here and there since way back when so it is a big part of ambrose's life in a weird way

3. since he hasnt nursed since like march when he turned one it is no longer a nursing blanket, but it can remind me of that special stage in our lives and he loves to cuddle up with it at bed time

4. i like the colors. i have an obsession with mint or sea foam green. even the name "sea foam green" makes me happy

5. i made it! (dont look too closely though. seriously. the stitching is all uneven on the entire border and i even missed the edge entirely on one part and had to sew it out of the edging just so it would stay together and not look like some strange handle)

crafty crafty- LOOK OUT! on to the next project!!


KristenE. said...

Yay! you finished it!!! That's so awesome! You totally beat me. I stitched up all four corners, but I'm still missing the border for one side, but it's okay, I've been using it for 6months like that =)

So happy you got to hear the babes heartbeat. What a WONDERFUL experience!

Sorry I wanna write more, but Adam keeps looking over at me and it's making me uncomfortable. i think he wants to hang out.

Ashley said...

Wow look at you crafty little sister. What is your next craft going to be?

liko said...

good job, steph! yay! i love the colors too!

In.A.Nutshell said...

well i just think it's great!

i've been diggin' the black and white with a splash of color look lately, so this blanket is just exquisite to me.

Melissa said...

very cute! i love the colors!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

ash trash smash: well, thomas has been building this little bookshelf for ambrose's room and once the putty is sanded down we will paint that and a little dresser that has been sitting in amby's room for over six months with just a base coat of white on it.

the next projects will be sewn when mom comes - we're doing a skirt, crayon roll, and apron i think. i also want to cover ambrose's uggs winnie the pooh crib with this cool japanese fabric i have and the list goes on and on...

Roeckers said...

Congrats! I love the colors! Looks great. Some of my kids favorite blankets are the ones I made. I think they know how to make me feel special and that I made it with love.

darcie said...

well done! i love sea foam green so much i had to paint a room in our house that color...but then we moved. anyway, i never said thanks for leaving a memory about me. i too remember the dinner for diana's birthday where my mom kept calling the waiter thomas. but since then i've loved getting to know you and reading your blog. you're so compassionate, and deliberate as a mommy. i never want to overlook a single day with my baby and your blog reminds me that all the time. i wish you, diana and me could all have party times living in a coldesac. perhaps in heaven...what?

Bille said...

looks good. I feel you on the color combo. I have trouble putting fabrics together sometimes, hence the piles of fabric for projects that I thought would go together but sadly do not. Keep up the sewing I am looking forward to seeing your other projects.

Our Family said...

I absolutely love to quilt. Be careful, it is in our Hawkins genes and it is fully addicting! Any granddaughter of Vela Hawkins is bound to catch the quilting bug if you give it a chance!