01 November 2008

keep the holidays coming: hello november

halloween was so so fun. we trick-or-treated around our old neighborhood in laie and ambrose's costume was a big hit. a bunch of people gave us extra candy... for the chef... they must have known that after his candy induced tantrum earlier that evening he wasnt getting a lick more so the proceeds would be going to the creators of the costume ... maybe i let him eat three or so little candy bars right before bed so we could keep him up a little longer at our landlords place to see cool tattoo pictures they took on their recent trip to american samoa. if you're the tattoo type, i live with a brilliant artist and she works in hauula.

anyway, on to november. today i am thankful for the ultimate pregnant cliche: oh saltines, or "pregnant crackers" as we call them around here, my cookies would be lost without you.


melissa said...

ha, every time you refer to your impending second child i think you're kidding. get. it. though. your. head. melissa. it's. true.


Bille said...

i wanted to say that ambrose is adorable (from your last post). Hope you are not losing your cookies too much lady! Can't wait to see you!!!!

In.A.Nutshell said...

saltines are heaven in a box. exaggeration maybe ... no.

amby is such a cute chef! i love the costume ... you're quite the clever momma.

lizzie said...

Ambrose is lucky to have such giving parents. Simon hasn't gotten a lick of his Halloween candy. Yet. I kind of feel bad that he did all the hard work by being so cute (okay, it wasn't that hard because he is a natural) and then we get the goods. Maybe later today I'll repent and let him have a smartie.