02 November 2008

my first giveaway!

first off, today i am thankful for matti for making thomas potatoes after i ate all the potatoes i made for dinner... i was queasy and it felt like the right thing to do.

now on to my giveaway!! you know how crafty people give away things on their blog? or people who have a food blog or something of that nature? well, i just have a regular family blog and i am doing my first giveaway anyway! here's how it usually works elsewhere.

i tell you what the giveaway is
you comment on this post if you want it
i put all the names of the people who commented in a hat or a bag
someone neutral chooses a name at random
that person wins the giveaway

awesome. you got the rules down?

here's the prize: i am giving away ambrose.
no, seriously, take him.

but wait, there is a catch. you only get him under these conditions and since they happen frequently lately, there is a good chance he will be all yours in no time (or at least next sunday)!

1. it must be a sunday, during the time we are in church, from the hours of 10am- 1pm
2. he must be feeling slightly tired, very headstrong, and easily distracted by things you dont want him noticing or getting into
3. he must arch his back when you try to pry him off the row in front of you or away from the big fat swimming pool (drinking fountain) in the hallway (oh yeah, you have to get soaked while doing this)
4. he must eat all of the millions of snacks you brought and the snacks of all those around you after begging for them like a homeless man who hasnt eaten in weeks
5. he must cry so loudly in nursery that you hear him all the way down in the sunday school room and continue to cry at random (and for no reason) on and off while you are sitting with him in nursery until you stomp out with him under your arm

if, on the other hand, he is happy and cooperative we'll be needing him back.

soooo.... any takers??....... anyone? ..... leave a comment if you want to be in the drawing.... giveaways are so exciting and fun.


Life with the Rich's said...

oh, I would love to take little Amby for a day. BUT we have our primary presentation Sunday (I gatta lead music)- NO CAN DO.

Life with the Rich's said...

ps I like reason #4 the best.

JLPierce Ohana said...

Sorry, I only do exchanges.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

blast! :)

Melissa said...

wow what a good giveaway! I'm so excited I HOPE i win...please oh please. I would love to have two two-ish year-olds that are equally crazy at church together. ours is at the same time.

my favorite thing in the world is when Kaiya arches her back and goes limp when I try to pick her up. It's my proudest moment as a parent.

crossing my fingers over here.

ashley said...

if i win then i get to take him to church with me, oh the fun we will have stuck on a row with he, ivy and velz during sacrament. pick me, pick me!

The Dillinghams said...

Hahaha! You don't know how often I feel the same way! I've threatened to put Dane in a box and send him to my mom. She always says she'll gladly take him. But I'm pretty sure he'd be returned within a couple days. So, I'll just sympathize with you:)

The Cutlers said...

You just have to love those terrible two's that I think start about 18 months... so Ambrose is right on track! My only advice... start now being consistent and following through with rules. Otherwise, you will end up with kids like mine! :)

Carrie said...

Hahahaha That sounds JUST like my sunday. Two peas in a pod, these two.

Anonymous said...

Can I use coupons? Oh, and after 5 days watching my little granddaughter Annie, I'm pooped, so I'll pass this time - LOL.

The Prigmore Family said...

Sometimes I tell people that Choobie is on clearance.

Sometimes I am so not kidding.

Natalie said...

You know I want him! He would never act that way for me. :-)

lizzie said...

If I win, will you bring me my prize in person? That would be awesome. :)

Ashley said...

Ambrose is so darling. Please send him to me. I would watch him for a whole week.

Matti said...

This was a very cute post. I know exactly how you feel. Pretty much Eden's reaction the other day at Costco after I pulled her away from the stuffed dog. Anyway, we love little A so throw us in that drawing. Put me, Jonathon, and Eden in single-ly (not sure how to spell that) so we have a better chance of winning next time. No problem on the potatoes. Simple thing for a good friend. You are sweet to thank me publicly. Thanks for letting us hang out last night. It was fun to see you, and Eden had a delightful time squealing with glee...as did her parents....minus the squealing.

Brady and Rachel said...

I agree terrible twos always seem to start early, they did with both of my boys. Sorry we can't be there to help. You are so awesome at making it SOOO easy to picture exactly what is happening. I love it!

The Bennetts said...

Does this mean a trip to Hawaii? We'll trade you straight across, 3 for the price of 1.

liko said...

darn - i just KNEW there was a catch! hahahahaha

yeah, doug can only sit still for so long. work, work, work. i guess i am grateful for his work ethic, he provides for us. sometimes i crave more time with him. as a family. he chose to go back early. just like his dad, that guy.

and if you ever need me to come and get ambrose, i can. me and malik hang out while faith's at school.

Emily said...

How about a trade. I will warn you, though. My toddler goes through the strategically-packed-50lb-diaper-bag during the first 15 minutes of church. I'll just mail him on over. Then you'll wish you had Amby back.
You are a funny blogger. Seriously.

boo face mcjones said...

ooh, a baby without the pregnancy?

The Katoa's said...

We did just put our adoption papers in again and have you seen the price to adopt???? We'd take a freeby in a second!!!