03 November 2008

Let's Go! (finally) and the winners of the giveaway...

Sayuri, Let's Go!
is your life lacking creativity? organization? and inspiration?

mine too. until last weekend that is.

today i am thankful for a great find: this cute little notebook i got at ala moana and the creativity that has ensued ever since.

you see, i always have these ideas of things i want to make and i have little notebooks all over my house full of ideas, journaling, goals...etc. but the minute i saw this little beauty i thought, "there she is. she is going to help me out."

so far i have taken time to list all the sewing projects that i want to do with all that fabric i got from etsy, other crafts, a quilt idea for our family, a recipe book that you are probably going to be involved in (details forthcoming), and a project for amby's room that has me so excited i cant wait!

i got thomas in on it too and he drew up the plans for the bookshelf/storage unit we are going to build when he gets back form maui next week! he's excited, i'm excited, i can hardly wait.

so let your creativity soar and get something that will help you sort it out and make it happen. what was it echo, that your dad said about goals... hold on, let me scroll through your blog and find it... ok: "a goal not written down is only a wish"-so true echo's dad :) well, they are written down now and i'm ready to go!

oh and here are the winners of the giveaway: Liko Miller!!!! congrats!!! no, seriously, i wrote all the contestants down on paper for fun and drew names... haha (could i be avoiding work? nah.) and your alternates, because i wont blame you if you end up in the fetal position half way through: Melissa Crosby and then Lizzie Heiselt as back-up.

hehehe... if only :) just kidding, we love the bubba.


echo said...

i want to hear all about your projects, plans, and notebooks.
thanks for the shout out to my dad. you are cool.

Melissa said...

yessssssssssssss!!!! i'm so excited!

liko said...

yayyy!!! i've won my first giveaway, thanks to you!!
okay, melissa and lizzie -- what's our next move??
seriously, steph, ring me up and i can come and take him for a time. malik can play with another boy. i've got toys of sorts, and play cars, a wagon, you name it. lots of books, paint, pastels, play-doh. so, when you need a breather, don't hesitate. i'll be there in a jiffy.

liko said...

oh, and i, too, have purchased fabric from etsy that i want to make beautiful things with. i was thinking christmas aprons for my sisters, blankets for babies, kids. just as soon as i can figure out how to work the sewing machine...

Roeckers said...

Adorable little book!
We just made these adorable little note books at Super Saturday that I was thinking of doing the same thing! I haven't written a thing in it. Maybe I should use you as inspiration, pull it from the draw it currently resides in and leave it on the counter.
I will have to threaten a few little artists to not touch MY dreams!

The Cutlers said...

I love your notebook. I have one also that I love to be creative with! Yours definately is a beauty! Cute little Ambrose will enjoy learning of the day his mother offered to give him away! :)

darcie said...

you're hilarious. i would have entered the giveaway but i don't think skyping with a stranger would contain him.

lizzie said...

Is that a picture of you getting on an airplane to come bring me my prize that I am 3rd in line for? I'm willing to take my turn. :)

melissa said...

yo funny

ashley said...

i want to hear your projects too!
that is a cool little note book i must say.
and that is a great echo's dad quote!