26 November 2008

thankful for the end (because now we get to eat) and for YOU!

Fog on the glass.
here's a photo merge of ten photos thomas took of our empty fridge... guess i better hurry out to the grocery store so i can make all my stuff for tomorrow.

today i am thankful for this month since i have had so much fun coming up with things to be thankful for everyday. i think i will end the consecutive love fest here and just enjoy the long holiday weekend, but thank you for being a part of it. i really had fun coming up with things and hearing what you think about them too. your friendship and input is so great and makes me feel good. so i am thankful for you as well!

everybody go eat some good turkey or tofurkey (turkey-shaped tofu that i plan on trying one day since i am a tofu lover and a fair weather friend of meat)

and i'll leave you with this AWESOME awesome look into the life of my very favorite band (Mates of State) and their life on the road with their two children. go here and click where they tell you to see a story that was done on their lovely family life on tour i cant seem to ever get enough of these people or their songs! their music is my soul in song form.


Life with the Rich's said...

I'm thankful for you too, my blogger friend!

Have a fantastic turkey day.

ashley said...

first, i love your last post. women who lived before us were amazing, so much harder working than we, excuse me, i am.
and second, hope you had a happy thanksgiving! i am thankful i could hang at your house with our friends the other night! good times.

melissa said...

oh they totally rock. i hadn't seen that yet, thanks.

happy thanksgiving yesterday!