15 November 2008

thankful in threes

today i am thankful for the temple. my beautiful friend liko went through the temple for the first time today and i was so happy to be there for the big event! i feel a little crazy when i think about the temple closing for 18 months soon. it's not like we can just drive to the one that is the next closest- ahh!! i guess we'll just look forward to when that super ferry starts making trips to the big island... kona temple here we come! there is no substitute in this world for the temple. i leave centered, focused, back on track, and ready to take action in my life and yet peaceful at the same time.

i am also thankful for well planned out parties- they are so fun! it must have been a ton of work, but if you are reading this mrs. jackie kontoes, it was totally worth it because that tea party was magical. i think that was one of the most fun and enjoyable baby showers i have ever been to-- we didnt have to look at nasty diapers with candy bars melted into them once (who originally thought of that tacky game? bleh.)! it was so perfect and so anna.

and lastly (and always), i am thankful for thomas, the good dad who watched the good (and very sassy) baby so i could attend these events today. you boys always manage to have fun when mama is away. :)


liko said...

thank you, steph. thank you, thank you!!! it was nice to see friends and family there. we need to go lots before it closes. and maybe we can have an excuse to go to kona now. hehe. oh, and doug thinks my whiteys are HOTTT!!! hahaha!!!

Sofia Deyanira said...

Why is it being closed for 18 months? Renovation?

On another note, that tea party shower seemed perfect. I am pro mama-baby, rite of motherhood parties or fatherhood parties, more than those traditionally cheesy baby showers.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

haha- liko- nice!! that is the reaction that all newbies hope for... the alternative is so... sad. :) glad everything's working out for ya!

sofia- the temple is being closed for renovation... no one is positive what exactly those will be- but there is talk of completely re-doing the roof and "restoring the temple to it's original glory"- whatever that means, it sounds cool.

Life with the Rich's said...

your thankfulness makes me thankful. THANK YOU. I agree, no poopy candybar diapers is great fun at baby showers.

that WAS a fun shower. I felt like I was 4 years old again.

lizzie said...

Love the pictures. Love them.