14 November 2008


Rocks, at staggered distances
(this is a photo from last weekend in maui... click on it to see some more of the boys and the sights)

today i am thankful that the weekend is here!

on the to-do list over the next three days:
go to walmart (get outta here, you're crazy! live it up why dontcha??)
do some billing (ok, this list is junk so far...)
hang out with these people some more because they are in hawaii!!! (oh yes, that is mike and bille. we love them.)
go to this beautiful woman's tea party baby shower: isnt she lovely? honestly... who looks like that a few months before giving birth?
and speaking of lovely, guess what blast from the past will be at anna's shower? (i stole this off her facebook page, heehee): that's right, ms. valerie porter. doesnt this look like it could be her album cover or something? i tell ya. lovely. i have so many fun and crazy memories with this girl from high school. it's gonna be great to see her again.

and, thomas and i are starting the very first project from that creativity book i started!! he's buying the wood as i type this and the plans are all drawn up- look out ambrose's books! you're about to get an awesome custom-made bookshelf constructed in your honor. it's going to be so so fun.

can i type the word fun again. fun. have a good weekend!


In.A.Nutshell said...

sounds uber fun there woman. tell billie and mike we say hi. they are fine people. and your pregnant friend is absolutely gorgeous!

modestmuse said...

Ditto. And I have a very strange story about custom-made bookshelves that I will have to tell you sometime.

Sofia Deyanira said...

Oh my goodness, Anna is having a baby?! I am sure her baby will be kidorable.

The Prigmore Family said...

You're KILLING me with all the amazing hawaii photos. aghhhhh.