30 December 2008

do you want me to print your recipe book for you?

i know that it can be hard to find the right time and place to get your book printed-and i found a place at byuh that prints it without any hassle for really cheap.

so, anyone (contributors and non-contributors) who wants a printed copy- email me at:


and we will send you the paypal bill for the book:

$5 for the printing

$2-$3 for the shipping
(of course if you live by me we wont charge you for the shipping)

not bad huh? when my mom printed her recipe books 10 years ago at kinkos it was $10 per book- good old BYUH. :) email me if you want a copy and i'll plan on placing the order on january 6th (a week from today).

just to be sure, so far my order is:
emily m = 1 book
linda r = 6 books
erin h = 1 book
liko m = 2 books
jaime p = 1 book
suzanne b = 2 books
melissa p = 1 book
carrie t = 1 book
sheila r = 3 books
taylor p = 1 book
molly t = 1 book
matti p = 1 book
ashley m = 1 book
cammie h = 2 books
mindy t = 1 book
bille g = 1 book


liko said...

do i REALLY need to EMAIL you? i was waiting for this post, and we just got back yesterday, can i order one? por favor? muchas gracias, chica.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

haha- i mostly needed people to email me so i could make sure i had their email address for the paypal bill- but i have yours for sure and i just emailed you so take that! :)

The Prigmore Family said...

Steph you know me too well. Why would I do anything myself when I can just as easily pay someone else to do it? Thank you thank you thank you. Bill me dude.

Emily said...

Thanks Steph! Can't wait to get mine. Thank you, thank you!!

rachel said...

I was only in laie for an hour! My mom works for Delta and I just flew out to Honolulu at the last minute. I said hi to Anna while my mom and little brothers were waiting in the car. I want to come again with my husband, but actually stay closer to Laie. I stayed in Koolina.

Our Blog Spot said...

I say ditto to Liko... Can I pretty please get a nice book??

Anonymous said...

I printed 12 books and gave one to my mom, my sister-in-law, one each to three of my married nieces, one to my daughter Jennifer, one to Katy (Allred) and hubby Tyler Nichols (Tyler was very excited and still no baby even though she looks like she's going to pop!), one for my work friend, and one for myself leaving 3 for whomever comes my way and loves to cook like I do! Again, thanks for the idea and all the work, and happy new year!

ashley said...

well look at you with your new sewing machine! that is really exciting! i can't wait to see what you whip up! glad you guys had a great christmas.

can i get on this cool list of people that want a recipe book printed? can i just mail you a check so that paypal won't take a chunk out of it? let me know what is best!

Cammie said...

Here I was getting my Stephanie and Thomas fix, yes I love to read your thoughts and soak up your happiness, when I discovered this fantastic recipe book "advertisement". So, may I get two recipe books? I am always on the hunt for great recipes.
here is my email: cdheaston@yahoo.com