02 February 2009

book worm liko

have you met my friend liko miller? she is the wife of doug and mother to faith and malik (beautiful beautiful children), a licensed massage therapist, a dedicated sibling and daughter who loves her family (she's the beach babe on the far left and those are all her lovely sisters i believe) and a really kind, generous, supportive friend who is always there to lend an ear and make you feel good. i am so glad i have gotten to know her and look forward to more of our adventures!

and now we will turn the time over to her :) for her book worm lists:

alrighty, so -- where do i start? being an english major doesn't necessarily mean that i just LOVE to read. when i was in college, the part i enjoyed most was the writing aspect of it. i'd kind of go to sparknotes and pinkmonkey as last resorts when i couldn't keep up with all the reading. but my passion for books was somehow rekindled in these past few years. my list isn't comprised of the most literary-awarded works, just some reading material i enjoyed or would like to read in the future.

some of my favorite books:
-anything by leo lionni
-the giving tree
-the giver
-the island of the blue dolphins
-the outsiders
-jane eyre
-to kill a mockingbird
-one flew over the cuckoo's nest
-the diary of anne frank
-lord of the flies
-pride and prejudice
-the adventures of huck finn
-a portrait of the artist as a young man (kidding -- read it and TOTALLY hated it, along with 'heart of darkness', sorry people if you disagree)

i know, so original, right? and they're mostly young adult. but they're good.

books i'd like to read:
-the grapes of wrath (i know, i can't believe i haven't read it yet, either)
-my antonia
-gone with the wind (never even saw the movie)
-finnegan's wake (totally kidding)
-paradise lost (shoot me instead)
-harry potter (i know - i read the first one, though)
-lord of the rings (not because of the movies, but because my sister jessyca read them waaaay before all the movies were made and said they were all very well-written)
-anna karenina
-the kite runner
-the count of monte cristo
-the scriptures (daily)
-the call of the wild
and any others you great people recommend.


liko said...

anyone want my autograph?
haha, thank you, steph.

Ashley said...

I was about to freak out when I saw portrait of an artist as a young man, because that is my number one most hated book. I am glad to see you were kidding. Seriously, does anyone actually like or understand it? It is the only book in my entire life that I haven't finished.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yeah, when i worked for jeannie at the mansion she basically said my whole education was a wash since i had never read portrait of an artist as a young man.... im not joking. before i even picked up a mop on my first day she asked me my name, my major and if i had read that book. when i said, uh, not yet... she slapped her forehead, sighed, and told with her eyes closed handed me a 3x5 card and a pencil from her desk to take down a list of books i will need to read before immediately...

i wish i could find it now, it would make an awesome addition to this book worm thing...

maybe i'll ask her for a list to post on here one day. :)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

sorry there was like 50 typos in that comment... i wrote it while wrestling ambrose away with one arm... off to get him some milk now... :)

liko said...

yeah, um, in the beginning, the whole "moo-cow" deal, that's where it ended for me. totally called it a 'stupid book' that was pointless to read and i was pretty mad at my teacher for trying to make me read it. never attempted to read it again, don't intend to, either. i wish i could write gibberish and be revered for it.

ashley said...

you guys are such nerds.

really though, i am envious of your ability to take- rather- make time to read. i can't seem to do that. i struggle to get some good scripture time in, but i am getting better at that at least!

Melissa said...

what a cool lady that liko!

don't know what the heck you are talking about though. With the Artist book. Maybe you have to be an English major to get it.

lizzie said...

My Antonia and Count of Monte Cristo are two of my favorite books (as is To Kill a Mockingbird). I'd put those at the top of the list. :)

Word verification: likings.

darcie said...

dear liko, the grapes of wrath and i hate each other. so feel free to save yourself the time. ha ha. it's a classic but yikes.

sheila said...

Liko is very nice indeed! You've all just inspired me to read.