03 February 2009

dont blink

freeze this spark
and keep it: mine!
my baby's growing up.

he catches my heart
in one single act
a glance
a twinkle
a toddler chuckle.

he holds it
studied with furrowed brow,
then hugs it to his cheek

it twists
the pangs
it thumps
and bangs

it's his and he wont keep

he's growing
he's sprouting
he's changing
am i pouting?

my baby, my child, my boy

i'm pleased
heart broken
i'm proud
dynamic, outspoken

our love, his progress, my joy.


Matti said...

Awe, the song of my very own heart. I wish I could express it as elloquently (sp?) as you.

In.A.Nutshell said...

steph steph, so beautiful. words and person.

i like the poetry that's been gracing your blog as of late. i really like your style.

and i'm sorry amby's growing up. if i knew how to stop it i'd help you.

Bille said...

That is really sweet. Love his little curled up legs.

sheila said...

you're gooooooood!

ashley said...

i am digging these poetic outpourings of the soul.
a lot.

Melissa said...

i keep trying to comment and it times out. so I'm summing it up. I love both of your poems! you're amazing at expressing yourself.

liko said...

go find a publisher and write a book. then you can be rich and famous. and we can still be friends.
i share the exact same feelings about my growing "babies" too, my darling.

Emily said...

I love your poetry.

Jessica F. said...

You are so talented! LOVED that poem!

The Prigmore Family said...

My thoughts exactly. Just written out much more beautifully. I'm loving the poems missy. Loving them.

Kahilau said...

Soooooo true. Thank you for the reminder. Those words are beautiful. Is it a song or a poem, both probably. So talented. Thanks for sharing

Audra said...

Your talents are amazing! So is your moose shirt!

laurel said...

your poems have a lot of personality.