09 August 2009

bubble boy

bubbles are a reverent sabbath day activity right? we need stuff to do on sunday mornings since church isnt until 12 and we all go crazy waiting for 12 to come. so we made this: bubble solution and collected random items from my mother-in-laws kitchen to use in our bubble adventures. and we invited this guy:
and we had a good time:

and my favorite part: you know how you end up kinda annoyed when your kids play with bubbles because they immediately, and usually accidentally, dump out the entire bottle in the first three minutes? well, if it's in a big bowl.... that's not really possible. unless of course they just kick it or pick it up and dump it out on purpose.... but ambrose was having too much fun to do that.

next crafty exploration: a sun print kit we just got in the mail. cant wait.


echo said...

adelaide is a bit of a bubble freak. i think we will be doing this sometime this week. thanks for the idea and the link! (hey, that kinda rhymed)
could i borrow your glimpses book for book club this month? whenever you are done with it. i eventually want to buy it but i think i have to wait till next month, you know how these things go, right?

liko said...

sunprinting -- fun!!! man, i wish i we re your kid these days! such fun things to do!!