13 August 2009

but mostly it works out for us

on tuesdays and thursday at na kamalei. we have been attending this hawaiian culture/language preschool since ambrose was barely 18 months old and he has come so so far! everyone is so loving and kind and they make our whole family feel welcome each week.

they've been emphasizing hawaiian protocol a lot more this session and so we have been working hard to learn our pule or prayer (listen to how spiritual the culture is.... this is not a mormon preschool and is state funded):

E ke Akua
Aloha mai ia makou
Mahalo no keia la
A kokua mai ia makou
Keia ko makou leo pule
Ma ka inoua o Iesu

which means:
O thou art God
Have mercy upon us
Thank you for this day
And help each of us today
This is our voices of prayer
In the name of Jesus

the kids chant that and a couple others each time. if you want to see what a big dork looks like, check me out each time, trying my best to remember all the words and timing! :) but i love that ambrose is experiencing this twice a week since this is where he was born and therefore a part of who he is. we love hawaii and na kamalei!
ambrose likes blue or "ba-due"
painting with friends
a bunch of crafty guys
running around
a bunch of tough guys
outdoor play!
asher at preschool
aloha makualani
snack time
for some reason his site ended up being all boys this session and so that has been kind of fun. he loves his preschool friends and songs and snacks and toys!


melissa marie said...

to quote your label, i really like this, too. i think amby will be all the awesomer for it.

Christina said...

That's so neat! There is something just so, so, so special about the Hawaiian culture.

rachel said...

this looks so fun. I want to grow up in Hawaii. Also, you should incorporate Chocolat into your course.