06 August 2009

i just had to share

if anyone knows molly then you have probably already seen this, but this gave me a good chuckle and is, frankly, a fabulous idea.

i hope you dont mind me directing some traffic your way molly but this was a clever mom idea and you know i love those-

i present molly's :sharpie barbie

cuz there is nothing more confusing than the anatomy of a naked barbie. :)


Roeckers said...

Such a good idea. I have a little one who loves his "pretty girls" (barbies) and it is kinda embarrassing to let him take his always naked barbie out. We dress her for church but the clothes never stay on. He can't take a sharpie unders off! Going to have to try this!! :)

liko said...

i blog stalk her and i saw that post and i was laughing at the same time that i was thinking 'what a great idea!'