14 August 2009

my wild thing meets the wild things

this morning i had ambrose go get some books to read while i nursed asher and he chose one of his absolute favorites- where the wild things are by maurice sendak. i love it too. so, when we were all done with our reading/nursing session i said, "hey ambrose, do you wanna see max and the wild things on the computer?" he gasped and RAN to the computer.

we were both excited. i played him this:

he sat right in front of the screen with his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open. he looked at me twice quickly to exclaim, "max!" and "what max doing mama?!" and then it was straight back to the screen.

when it was over he said, "oh no mommy- more max!"

i loved seeing him get jazzed about some of his favorite characters coming alive. i loved hearing one of my favorite arcade fire songs on the preview too.

i am so glad there are finally some great movies being made. this one is coming up real soon- cant wait!


liko said...

one of my favorite childhood books, and we are waiting for that to come out so i can take the kiddos!!

sheila said...

i like that book also. I think everyone personalized their own fantasies and story-line for the book with those pages with no words. That was my favorite part.

excited for the movie as well.

darcie said...

also kjell's favorite trailer. even when we sing the arcade fire song he runs to the computer and waits.