14 August 2009

on being a 25-year-old with two kids who lives with her in-laws

my in-laws flew to kona for the day. i invited some friends over instead of going out to the beach this morning. we spent the morning running around the house playing, coloring, stickering, eating healthy and unhealthy items, talking craftiness, nursing babies, and reassuring each other that we were all indeed good moms despite our occasional frustrations. :)
my in-laws are so generous with us and in opening their home to us so i knew they would be glad for me, but i had to chuckle to myself, after everyone left and i was sweeping the floor, vacuuming the carpet, wiping the counters and basically trying to leave the house better than we found it.... why did it feel like i was a teenager cleaning up after a kegger before my parents got home?

i guess that's just the nature of living in someone else's home- no matter how generous and understanding they are.

the apartment permits are on their last approval process though (we hope) and things will start to get moving around here soon. i am excited to see the whole process and come up with decorating ideas and excited for my in-laws to get to have their home to themselves again since we do take up so much space and make so much noise, but until then they continue to be generous and we all make it work out.


liko said...

thanks so much for letting us come over!! as always, it's nice to see all your lovely faces and kids!

and i have all the luck, don't i?? what i didn't think twice about, what i thought would just be a routine visit with the dentist where i was fearing a cavity or two, has spiraled into hopefully much ado about nothing.

maybe i'm turning into a hypochondriac!! maybe i'm just getting OLD!

ashley said...

fun fun fun!

i almost hate these type posts cause i find myself missing you all so much!

.Ang. said...

I need to come hang out with you guys more!! I had lots of fun, even though I was only there for a bit!