15 August 2009

vi ses senare!

i ordered these:

and now i'm embarking on the task of organizing a semester around them, four short papers, one long one, a group project, maybe a workshop, discussions, circling up and sharing, pop quizzing no doubt...etc. and the author list in the text is to die for: from flannery o'connor to wordsworth to truman capote, shakespeare, langston hughes, john updike, mark twain, kurt vonnegut, elie wiesel, emily dickinson, edgar allan poe, maya angelou, robert frost, and many others that get my mouth watering. it's gonna be hard to choose.

and last night i made an itemized colossal list of all the things i need... well, want to make for our new place and thomas is such a champ. he listened to them all with an appropriate amount of interest and at the end said a heartfelt, "good luck!" as he designed this cool new bloggy header (thanks t-rob!).

anyway, i never take much time out of my life to blog. it's usually a second here, 10 minutes there, whatever is fluttering through my fleeting mind, but it's time to get writing, organizing, syllabi-ing, quilting, sewing, constructing, painting, mod podging, hammering, crafting and as always there will be many many adventures along the way.

until we meet again :)


ashley said...

i am so excited that you are getting all this together! it's going to be a fun adventure, your students are so lucky!

liko said...

haha, all those authors' names sound vaguely familiar. has it been so long ago???

oh, to be a student again and discussing literature -- fun times!!

i am so excited for you!!! go mrs. robertson, or i mean, sister robertson. :-)

Tara said...

love the header. i need one like that!!

Melissa said...

how fun!!! I wanna take your class! or maybe you can just teach it again at night for all of us! :)
OR better yet you can video tape your class and upload the videos on you tube. yeah you should do that.

I really like your new header and your current song selection. and since i am a huge fan of mod podging i can't wait to see what your creating.

J and Christy Brown family said...

I am so happy for you to get that job but honestly I am so glad I don't have to be in school for a while those MLA thing gave me a headache once.

lizzie said...

Oh wow. It sounds so fun and yet so intimidating. If you want me to grade/read/edit papers, I would love to. I just edited a paper by my nephew (who is homeschooled) and I enjoyed every second. I think I would really like that part of being a teacher. Maybe. :)

laurel said...

I love what you've done with the place! And by "the place" I mean the blog. And by "the blog" I mean the pictures at the top! So cool that you will be teaching English! What a GREAT opportunity! We'll be teaching English together! Well... sort of... okay, I know it's very different, but I have really enjoyed my teaching experiences. And like Lizzie I too actually really like grading as well... to me grading is like getting my grade- it means I get to see where my students are and how well they are getting what I have been teaching.

Meg said...

You are going to be a great teacher, I just know it! I wish I could have taken an english class from you. And as for your projects, I would love to help in any way that I can. I love that kind of thing. Just let me know!

Mariko said...

Loving that list. I hope the students don't kill that love. Sometimes I think certain people don't even deserve good reading, the way they act like books are a disease and English teachers are the methods of delivery.