20 August 2009

press play and then read on!

hey thomas!

well, it's been five years today. and we got married pretty young. i was shockingly young, whew, good thing it worked out ;)

you gave me these beautiful babies:

you make cool stuff like this:
The crosswalk experience

and stuff like these:
Small Shelf
my clothes seem kinda cute when you display them in this manner. i should think about this as i'm throwing on the same old thing everyday. ;)

you're workin hard for your family and sometimes it's too stressful, annoying and maybe even dangerous, but you do it anyway and you make it seem easy.

you always support me in my wild schemes to plan this, and sew that, and you dont get too mad when i buy yard after yard of fabric (or at least you dont let on if you do, so thank you, cuz it's a disease i dont want to find a cure for).

you have great taste in music and movies and that counts for a lot!

you're obviously an impressive drummer. i'm impressed:

you are so smart and have so many facts stored away in that NPR listening brain of yours.

and you are a spiritual leader in our family. i respect your gospel knowledge and hope to be like you someday!

but most of all you're just you. my best friend and someone that i quickly fell in love with because it was just obvious. i am glad we didnt drag it out. i am glad we knew and were spared the high drama that comes with a lot of relationships. i am glad we started our life together with a lot of optimism. a lot has happened in five years and i am glad.

thanks for all you do for our family. i look forward to you coming home to us everyday like most people look forward to the weekend because once you're here everything is more fun and we all love you so so much!

glad i get to have you forever. i love you!


star said...

I too am glad that stephanie and thomas are stephanie and thomas! you two are perfect for each other and brighten the lives of so many others. here's to you on your special day!

diana palmer said...

so sweet without even being sappy. i'm happy for your love and life.
by 10 years, let's have some neighborly bbq's k?

melissa marie said...

oh i like that idea diana! (i just invited myself and all of my children. but don't worry; they're very well behaved.)

also, whenever i hear the wilco song heavy metal drummer i think of you. did i hear it on your blog first? maybe that adds to it.

Taylor said...

such wonderful sentiments. you guys are awesome and i'm glad that you found each other as well.

oh and i want to come to the bbqs too...can i still come even if i'm still single and without children?

stef j. said...

oh gosh, after reading i think i love him a little too...


well, i mean i love y'all.

you know what i mean...


liko said...

woop woop!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song,
but love you guys even more!!

you two make a cool, fun, happy couple and i'm glad we are friends!!

i can always babysit if you two want a night on the town. if you leave me a bottle!!


echo said...

Happy Anniversary!!
thank you so much for taking care of me this morning. i really needed it and yeah, thank you a million times.
i owe you.

KristenE. said...

SUPER< DUPER< BIGGEST< HUGGEST CONGRATS!!! oops, the < was supposed to be a , but that's okay, it looks cool, so i'll leave it. You kids are a very cute and inspiring couple. Hope you had the happiest anniversary. Hope to see you and your beautiful family tomorrow! I miss you guys!

laurel said...

Oh, I adore you and Thomas' love story. AND I adore his photography- it let's me see things in a different light as well as inspires me to try to see everyday things in a new light... if that makes sense.

I'm still not in Korea yet- still waiting for my visa #... I'll have to let you know when I go! I'm excited.....

Big love and hug! :)

Annajean D. said...

Mil felicitos! (A thousand congrats!)
I so enjoy reading your blog Stephanie! And even though I've never met Thomas in person you two look like you were just made for each other!

Melissa said...

happy anniversary!!!

i think you two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

love your guts!

Hema and Becky said...

Wow! Congrats! you 2 have accomplished a lot in five years! The cutest being those 2 sweet boys!

The Pixton Family said...

Congrats to you- You guys are perfect together!