23 December 2009

gettin' his hair did.

this little chipmunk needed a trim.

so we gave him a sucker

and he was cool until the clippers started "makin a noise!"

which was apparently downright distressing until his barber finished up and let him play with the hose

hats off to you thomas. this is a task i would never attempt and you did it fast and well!

what a handsome little haole boy.


liko said...

very handsome!

echo said...

he looked so grown up today. like he went from 2 to 12. cute.

Melissa said...

nice hair do Ambrose! :)

lizzie said...

Ah! the dreaded clippers. I think the dads have the touch.

Brady and Rachel said...

What! How come I'm the one who gets stuck with cutting all three boys' hair. I'm showing this to Brady and he can be in charge now! I remember those moments of distress.