07 April 2010

just to clarify for the confused :)

Yes, yes, even if you live far far away you can join- this is kind of like an online discussion group and sometimes people in hawaii will meet, but mostly we'll just talk all things sewing here and, well, just join and I'll send you an invite and you'll see!

email mailing addresses to: stephaniexrobertson(at)gmail(dot)com!!


melissa marie said...

DUDE. i just felt bad that you had no comments. i don't have anything to say about this actual post. cool, huh?

oh, but can you see any comments on honestlyonto or is it just that one post that's messed up?

a mermaid said...

haha you are awesome! no worries paly- i got some cool peeps emailing me instead. i still feel the love.