07 April 2010

calling you out

YOU are missing from the society cool people list:


Matti Parker

Diana Palmer

Kristen Eskaran

my sisters (oh, you don't sew but who cares!)

Thomas (just kidding, but still)

and YOU reading this. I can't read your mind, but I do have an invite for you

etc. etc.

We have a fun group going so far and I'm gonna address these babies tonight so get your name in!

In similar news, I have had some sweeeeet emails from folks I didn't even know read this blog, or just don't know period- haha! Excited you are in too!

Ok, missing friends, here are all your little tea cups waiting for you:

Let's be sewing pals.


Kahilau said...

So I read your last post and totally want to play but am wondering how that is possible from more than a canoe paddle away. Is it possible? I would love to play as I don't currently sew but would really like to learn more and can since Mike got me a machine. So fun, anyway. let me know!

echo said...

what lovely cups! i think i want to drink out of the sky blue one. oh, maybe the green one...oh, or the yellow...

liko said...

cute cute!!!
and your blog dreams are becoming reality -- strangers are fans!!! julie and julia blog, watch out!!

a mermaid said...

kahi- hope my latest post clears that up! hooray!

echo- i thought of addys little tea set when i posted this picture

liko- are you sure you arent confusing me with marc?? haha

but true it's kinda fun to get everyone in on this- good times- cant wait to get started!

The Prigmore Family said...

Pour me a cup of that sweet sassy molassy. You may as well put Dans name on the card since he'll probably sew more than me anyway.

Matti said...

What the hizzy? I swear I commented to this. And I even think it was possibly clever and funny. Bummer. Nevertheless....COUNT ME IN!

Arzed said...

nice coloured cups and saucers.. greetings from Brunei Darussalam