05 April 2010

Calling any interested My Cup of Tea Sewing Society friends!

I finally got my act together and the invites are just about ready to go out to you and yours!

The membership cards have been sitting on my sewing cabinet for, like, forever.

All I have to do is print the invites and address the super cute envelopes I just got.

Has it been so long that you don't even remember what I am talking about?

The My Cup of Tea Sewing Society!!!


Here's what I need you to do:

1. if you live by me just comment that you want to join and I will hand deliver your invite and

2. if you don't live a short drive or even canoe paddle from me then email me:


with your mailing address

and POW! You're in!

This is open to anyone who likes to sew or just even talk about sewing

-all skill levels
-all ages
-male or female
-even if you're not much of a blogger
-if you know me in person or we have never met
-even if you don't really sew but you happen to love Project Runway so that counts right? (cough, Diana)
-if we blog comment each other regularly or if you just creep around here and are too shy
-if you just like silly little society invites and membership cards. You can put it in your wallet next to that pesky Old Navy card you got talked into once again.
-if you are even barely considering it. Just do it. I promise I will be tickled instead of freaked out if I have no idea who you are and you want to join. This is just for kicks people.

Hit me up! I have like a million of these membership cards- it's really no sacrifice and I would love to get a lot of fun people in on this so we can talk all things crafty

and it's FUN

and you need more fun, admit it.



.Ang. said...

I'm Totally in!

a mermaid said...

yeah you are! you're gonna like be captain of awesomeness or something :)

boo face mcjones said...

yarp, i am totally interested. i believe you have my address? oh heck, i'll just e-mail you too.

Brett, Cassie, Taylor & Jack said...

I'm kind of going out of my comfort zone but I would like to join. I would like to be more crafty like all of you friends of mine!
Cassie Lee

a mermaid said...

molly tanuvasa is sooooo in! there mol- i got ya! :)

j,d and little b said...

so in!

Rach said...

ok really. just tell when & where. I need to get sewing. have lots of projects & things that need to be done. LET's DO THIS THING!

echo said...

yip yip. i'm in. but i am pretty sure you already knew that.

Rebecca Waldron said...

count me in please!! I'll email you my address just in case you don't see me.

Lindsey said...

I love this idea and I have actually been doing some simple sewing projects so count me in! I will e-mail you my address!

micah and nic said...

let me join? I just made Lu's easter dress and when it came to lining the bodice I totally forgot what to do... you should have seen me hand sewing the shoulder seams together at 2AM Easter morn in sheer desperation...
PS. Don't bother mailing across the sea, I don't even know my mailing address.

liko said...

moi, s'il vous plait.

stef j. said...

may i be cool too?

melissa marie said...

i feel like even making a comment is redundant since i'm sure you already got my psychic vibes.

Kim and the Fam said...

what if you like to sew but never get a chance to pull out the machine so you are so rusty you probably shouldn't even admit to people that you can sew?!?! If that counts than I am SO IN! Love the idea and can't wait. :)

Carrie said...


Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

yes...yes and YES! For years I have wanted to make "The Wednesday afternoon Women's Society" Like Lucy and Ethel had. We would do nothing important and nothing Unimportant!

I am so excited for a membership card of my very own!!

Meg said...

Yay! Count me in!

iMaLLheaRt said...

me too please! I'll be emailing you my address. :D

Becky said...

(out of comfort zone) may I join too?! i'll email you my mailing addy. =)

ashley said...

yeppers, count me in!