10 April 2010

my cup of tea sewing society starts

wouldn't he be a cute mascot?
find him here i want everything in the shop it's so precious.
adorable site.

Anyway, hey all. Let's get this party started shall we? If you are confused about what we are doing just wait till you get your letter and card. But, basically we are just doing whatever we want.

We're gonna talk sewing on here in between random posts about my life. No separate blog to check and no requirements. Separate blogs tend to die out and we just aint that serious ok. Plus, do you really need another blog in your life? Me either.

Anyone can chime in and please do because we would love to hear from you.

Maybe we'll meet up locally once in a while, but most of the action takes place here until we morph into something else or fade away.

Got it?

Let's start with something simple. I want to know what inspires you.


I have lots of crafty friends who amaze me with all their creations.
My mom and all the sewing she did for us growing up.
Vintage fashion and finds.
Sewing books, sewing books, sewing books- I don't often make the projects in them but I absolutely adore looking through the projects and getting all fluttery and excited.
Our new apartment that will be- I could design and dream all day for that masterpiece.
My family. I like to make them proud of me and think about them if I am working on a piece for them.
Nature. Plain and simple.



Who do you want to win?

(Me? Seth Aaron. I thought he was trying too hard with his hair and clothes...etc. when the show started and now I LOVE. Sorry Seth Aaron, I misjudged you. haha But I like all their designs.)

Yes, that's two questions to answer: Who do you want to win (if you watch the show) but more importantly WHAT INSPIRES YOU??


liko said...

i started watching the show this season and then i stopped. not sure why. seth has some well tailored and creative things...but i can't pick anyone because i haven't been watching...
as for sewing inspiration:
i love a good book. like you, even if i don't make anything from it, i get inspired by things inside.
clever things i see online, if i think it's do-able i will attempt.
fellow friends and family who have awesome crafting/sewing skills.
great fabric inspires me.
the list goes on and on!!
which reminds me, i'm gonna retrieve mine from my wallet and open it and admire that card you were talking about!
oh, and again, thanks for taking it slow on the run with me. i really appreciated your talking and trying to distract me.

liko said...

and when i say 'distract' i mean from me wanting to stop jogging and start walking.

laurel said...

Lately, I really have been thinking lots and lots about fashion. I just went on a shopping spree and maybe you can see some of the clothes I bought in person...(double eyebrow raise). I don't actually normally ever go on shopping sprees but it's just been different since I have been here in South Korea and I want to take advantage of all the fun styles while I am still here. I will also have you know that after completing a few seasons of America's Next Top Model I have been watching Project Runway because of your comments about it (not because I have a lot of time to hang and watch tv but because I need to decompress when I get home from work and don't have anyone to hang out with and don't want to feel alone) so lately I have been watching TV via my computer. Right now I am really into soft neck lines and loose flowing short sleeves even though I don't really have much in the way of those kinds of clothes. I love color and for the last few years have been trying to work more lighter and brighter colors into my wardrobe. My favorite colors are a sort of pastel teal and coral with a hint of pink. Is this the kind of input you are interested in? I don't know... but I wanted to share.

natalie said...

hi all!
I have not gotten into project runway, Yet! Maybe I'll start watching it now. It's bad but I love a good tv show.
lately all of my inspiration comes from decorating and craft blogs. Oh, and a little from my kids. When they need clothes I try to think of whether I an make it from scratch or refashion it somehow.
thanks Stephanie for this little society, I'm excited!

Melissa said...

I feel the same exact way about Seth Aaron. At first he really bothered me, but now I really like him. He has really well made items, as well as being cool and original. I want him to win.

What inspires me is Kaiya (and now baby Noah), Pretty much EVERYTHING I make is for her (and now him). I just love making little things for the little people in my life. I also really just get inspired by the idea of having a finished product in my hands that I:
1) chose the fabric for
2)and created with my own two hands,

I love the feeling I get from creating (whatever it may be). It's the best.

The Pixton Family said...

I think Seth Aaron or Emilio will win. I've liked them both all season, but Emilio seemed really cocky on the last episode. I like Mila and can't stand Jay.

I'm inspired by the seasons, unusual details/designs and fun colors.

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

I have the same feelings about Seth Aaron. He said in one episode that he wants people to remember his clothes 2 weeks from now. I thought about it and his are the only ones I remember! I thought he was trying too hard at first and I wanted to rip of the lame star tatoo on his neck...but now I want him to win.

melissa marie said...

i'm kind of glad to have an opportunity to talk about project runway. nate watches the runway shows with me and has just as strong opinions about it all. it's funny. what's also funny is that i seriously don't watch any tv shows besides this one (and obviously the gilmore girls dvds i talk about endlessly). but anyway. nate and i were just shocked that they didn't kick jay off last week. for real. i also agree with what you said about seth aaron, although i still don't love his clothes, he's pretty darn good.

as for what inspires me, i have no idea. crazy thoughts just pop into my head and then i want to sew. how do you feel about that?

a mermaid said...

i feel pretty dang great about that melissa- that's cool!

this is so fun you guys. sewing sewing sewing!

today i was hanging something up in my closet and it was a black and white print and i just happened to hang it by a turquoise shirt, and a mustard shirt, and a light grey and white shirt and i just held the four shirts together and got all excited about making something with that color combo.

inspiration lurking everywhere...... even in your very own closet!

lorieloo said...

seth aaron. ALL THE WAY. everybody else bugs.


material itself.

I get VERY inspired by blogs. wedding blogs. diy blogs. decorating blogs. you name it.

anything old. old stuff rocks my boat and gets my creative juices flowing.

I get a LOT of inspiration from etsy. I do try and put my spin on it all, but a lot of my starting points have come from things I've seen on etsy.

so so so excited to get my letter. and I TOTALLY want that felted tea cup. so so so cute.

echo said...

i only watched the 1st one or 2 episodes of this season. i keep meaning to get into it but i just haven't found the time lately.
humm, inspiration...
nature for my stuffed animals. and i love making things for adelaide. i need to get into boy mode to be able to make something for gideon. this is an area i still need inspiration.
lots of times though i just like to look at my stash of fabric and just create from there.
i like to make things up and do without patterns.
yup, i am sure there are more but that is it for now.

Becky said...

It's between Seth Aaron and Emilio. I really hate Emilio's cocky attitude, but he does make good clothes. I think Seth Aaron is really good at constructing though, and he's more original in his ideas.

My little guy inspires me at the moment. I love children's prints or prints that could pass for children's prints, then trying to come up with what I could make for him with that particular fabric.

iMaLLheaRt said...

I started watching it but haven't kept up with it but I only want Jay to win cuz he's from Hawaii. BUT it sounds like Seth Aaron deserves to win from what everyone else is saying...

Plenty of things inspire me but I never actually follow through with the inspirations.
Like all y'all who talk about sewing and sew and make all these wonderful things that i only WISH I had the talent and time to do.
I love looking at different blogs that people showcase their creativity.
I love fonts. I like to come up with ideas on how to use them.
definitely other people and their amazingness...

boo face mcjones said...

man, not to be lame, but i would have to say my two favorites are seth aaron and mila. am i the only one who likes mila? but then again, i haven't seen the last four (or so) episodes, so maybe things have changed.

sewing is terrifying to me. i suck at it. it could be because i have historically been known to seriously mess up sewing projects (my dad has some stories about sewing pajama pants shut he HAS to tell EVERY time i sew something that he sees.) i still try something small every now and then.

but i have recently taken up embroidery, and i adore it. there's something fun about making something plain (that has already been constructed appropriately) into something special. and i like it when my fingers hurt at night. it makes me feel so victorian -- or like the grandma on happy gilmore.

and you and melissa and carrie and all my other wonderfully thoughtful friends that post pictures of their creations ALWAYS inspire me to try something new.

a mermaid said...

I actually love mila too! I dont know if I love her personality but I usually love her pieces. HAHA I know what you mean by feeling Victorian. I GET IT. Love it. I wish I was good at embroidery. My friend tried to teach me once and I just couldnt do it well. Just couldnt. I want to give it another shot.

TanuvasaCasa said...

Personally, i wanted anthony to stay on the show much much longer. I don't think he has what it takes to win, but I loved him to bits.

laurel said...

i ADOOOOOORE Anthony to bits as well.

iMaLLheaRt said...

I'm also into embroidery but haven't had time to touch it. plus I don't really have anything to embroider ON.

that being said.

Thanks for the invite. glad you were able to understand the directions! I feel super special!

Chris & Jackie Kontoes said...

OK...you are my favorite! I was telling Melisa about your sewing society and I started telling her more about you and I just kept saying "Stephanie is so cool....she is just so freaking cool and awesome!"

If we are in highschool right now you have head cheerleader/prom & Homecoming queen status!

diana palmer said...

i like mila okay, but i kind of liked the mini mila girl a whole lot more. too bad she couldn't handle the heat, but i respect her for having the courage to make that decision. i do like seth aaron as well, but only because he has the double first name going for him. hahahaha, just kidding. i just like the way that he get's really excited about a vision that is so him, and doesn't overthink, he just executes. he's happy about his work but not overly cocky like some others seem to be. but between aaron and mila, i think i'd like to cut my hair like mila's.

Tara said...

well, for one...YOU.
like everyone has said, blogs and etsy for sure inspire me. if i see something i like, i think about how i can do my own spin on it. sometimes i see something and think, that would be great if it were like this...and then it just takes off from there. beautiful photography definitely inspires me...cannot wait to buy my camera soon!

and we had so much fun. we shall do it again! come on down whenever!

sheila said...

call me crazy but I haven't watched a single second of this season. boooo, I know. I should be kicked out of this society already. But if I went for looks alone (according to the photos on your post) I'd go for the girl. I like her chopped bangs and red lipstick.

and my inspiration usually comes from a nice piece of fabric, my daughter (makes me want to make things for her) and then my good old sewing machine... where it usually just sits and sits doing nothing. I feel really bad for it and sometimes I just want to sew something just to keep it running.

Robbie said...

I get inspired by Christmas! We had a Relief Society talent night in March and were asked to bring things we've made. Everything I had was for Christmas: sewed and embroidered stocking, greeting cards, and an Advent calendar.

I also get inspired when a friend needs or might want something that I can make for her (which is what I'm working on right now).

I don't get inspired often so when I do, I take advantage of it and work on that project till it's done! fun, fun.

Having only one baby son, I don't think of much to make for him sewing-wise, but this morning I saw him playing with an empty baby formula can and thought, "hey, I could decorate that and make a drum!"