13 April 2010

i start monday

I got a call tonight.

I don't remember it word for word.

It went something like this:

The Composition Coordinator (a dear lady whom I really like): "Hi Stephanie. I know you couldn't do First Term but how do you feel about teaching English 101 this Spring. You would start Monday. We really need someone and we thought of you. Sorry it's so last minute."

Me: (inside my head) "Ah crap" (Thinking about all the reasons it didn't work out for my family so well last semester. 1. Leaving my kids in the morning 2. Thomas gets a late start to his day 3. I get a late start to my day with my kids and it throws us off)

Comp. Coordinator: "Before you say anything let me tell you the bad things about this offer."

Me: "Ok....."

Comp. Coordinator: "We are still looking for a classroom for you since we had to add this section due to large enrollment and it would maybe have to be an evening class, but we could try and see if--"

Me: "WHAT? No, no, that's actually a positive! A big one. I might actually be able to do that. The evening class? Oh, good . Yes please. Let me talk to my husband and I'll let you know ASAP."

Comp. Coordinator: (A little incredulous) "Really? Seriously? OK..... Great. Good. Call me back."

Me: "OK!"

And Thomas, that dear man, he was so excited for me (since I cried like a baby on my last day of class this semester) he told me he really thinks I should do it and that it would not be a problem at all.

What a guy.

What a job.

Perfect timing.

Still get my whole day with my kiddos and my nights with my man.


I swear. Sometimes things just work out.

Yes they do.


Matti said...

you lucky lucky gal!!! I'm so jealous for you! Ooops...did I say that? I mean HAPPY for you! ;-)

modestmuse said...

This made me smile :)

The Price Family said...

This is awesome. I wish I couldn't speak english just so I could go to one of your classes. Oh wait... then that means we wouldn't be friends. I take that back I want to speak english :) Congrats!!!

laurel said...

perfect. Congratulations Stephanie!

a mermaid said...

Dori- it's for native english speakers too! it's the freshman english class- PRETEND YOU ARE A FRESHMAN AND TAKE IT AGAIN!!! just for kicks.

haha :)

do it.

i promise i'll be more fun than ned williams. scouts honor.

liko said...

yes they do!!! yay!!!
so happy for you!!
but i guess this means that you won't be calling me to watch the little men, huh?

oh, and i just posted on the bloggity-blog, per your request, of course.
and f.y.i. -- i got those knowbs in the mail today and put them on. :-)

liko said...


salt lake city slickers said...

good for you!

Sofia Deyanira said...

that does sound great, and I am sure teaching is a good break for you to do what you love!

echo said...

sounds like things will work out swimmingly.
i am happy for you.

Brady and Rachel said...

YAY for you! What a blessing!

Melissa said...

sounds perfect!

diana palmer said...

dude, that's so great. Heavenly Father blesses us in so many personal ways. and i know for a fact its especially great for that section who gets to have you as a teacher. you are so amazing.

ashley said...

that is great! did i not say- just the other evening that they will call you begging for your teaching skillz again soon! i am so glad you get to teach and it will work well for your fam! go steph- your awesome!

*my word verification is masta- like your a masta teacher ;)

Audra said...

Woo-hoo! Congrats Steph!

Damaris said...

How awesome/ I love teaching. I miss being a TA :(

Taylor said...

more fun than ned williams and his perfectly disheveled hair? blasphemy.


the real question is, when do you find time to sleep busy lady?

stef j. said...


j,d and little b said...

Wow! Blessings Blessings! That is awesome, so happy for you!

Robbie said...

Oh, I didn't know! Wow, what a hot commodity you are over there! :) Congrats on a job that works around your schedule!