24 May 2010

remember when ambrose turned three?

Let's listen to one of his favorite dance around the house songs shall we? (Peter Bjorn and John- Nothing to Worry About.... and frankly he does have nothing to worry about. I'm jealous.)

It was in march. We just got our act together and downloaded some pictures. Here's the family party and his birthday dinner that he chose, helped make, and then barely ate anything of (awesome!):

Oh the camping party.... so fun. And then it rained. Good old unpredictable Hawaii. My friends all said it wouldn't be camping without rain! My dad said that I sure had a lot of loyal, supportive friends. I agree!

Asher just got passed around by the grandparents and enjoyed watching the kids "camp" and their moms make trail mix..... or pour M&ms into their purses.... either one!

Parties are a lot of work (and yes, yes fun too). We're just gonna take it easy in the yard for Asher's birthday. See ya there.


laurel said...

cool song. and Asher is the cutest acessory I have ever seen.

echo said...

it was a fun fun party for a fun fun boy. we love ambrose.

liko said...

it was fun!! and asher is gonna be one!!! oh my!!
next month already!?

Natalie said...

I just can't stand how cute they are.

lizzie said...

you're kidding about the puzzle, right? Simon got one, too. Same size, also an underwater scene . . . too funny. Similar lives indeed.

Mr Lonely said...

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Ashley said...

I wish we had been able to attend. I am really tempted right now to check out Mr Lonely's blog.

a mermaid said...

Yeah- who the what the??????

I'm scared to click on it. Let me know if it's nasty! haha

Man, it's things like this that make me want to take this party private! Thanks a lot Mr. Lonely... what the??

a mermaid said...

ok, i did it! it seems to be some boring second language teenager. awesome.

sometimes i hate the internet.

modestmuse said...

How could you not be tempted by the strawberry flower flan or whatever that is in Mr. Lonely's avatar??


1) Love the song, I want to Stomp the Yard or do an inner-city high school cheer or something!
2) You look so beautiful! I love your hair, and you have always had the best waist, wow!
3) Asher is SO adorable in the last pic and Ambrose too in the second-to-last

Happy b-day (belated and early), boys!!