26 May 2010

ladies of the society! i give you our cheerleader.

Name: Jonna Lee Ellen Fitzgerald Loveridge (I'm from the South, it's tradition to have long names)

Favorite type of sewing project: The easy ones! But mainly things more for my little lady. I love sewing clothes for her. I also like sewing birthday gifts for my friends. It makes my husband happy because we don't spend as much money anymore on gifts.

City you currently reside in: Hauula, Hawaii

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Family stats: One Husband, One Baby Girl

Machine you sew with: Brother, Costco Kine

Project you are currently working on: Fabric Balls for a pair of cute little one year old twins.

Project you are happy with: (Even REALLY happy with. We'll take that too.): An Oliver + S pattern that was by far the most challenging and rewarding project I have ever accomplished.

What fabric are you currently drooling over? Loving Laura Gunn lately

Sewing project you would most like to attempt but are admittedly frightened of or just need to learn more about: I would love to learn how to sew Japanese Dresses for little girls, they have the cutest stuff! Also, I know it doesn't fall under sewing, but I really want to learn how to knit or crochet. It seems so relaxing.

Favorite online crafty blog that you draw a lot of inspiration from: I check MADE daily, she is the best, I wish I could be her friend. And The Long Thread, good stuff!

What sewing purchase are you saving your precious pennies for?: If I could get my hands on some really nice Oilcloth. Like this Etsuko Furuya Oilcloth, I would be a happy lady. It would be perfect to make a big stylish beach bag. Perfect for wet bathing suits and towels.

Online tutorial you plan to attempt: I would love to make this fabric dollhouse for my little girl Brighton. Seems daunting, but do-able.

When and how did you learn to sew?: I took sewing lessons when I was about eight years old. I lived in Florida at the time. I entered my first outfit, a teal bowling outfit, into The Strawberry Festival sewing competition. I took First Prize Grand Championship. A week later, I burned my hand with a iron and never touched a sewing machine again till I turned 24.

Your biggest sewing disaster story: Almost every sewing project, the seem ripper is my best friend. It's kind of the joke with my friends when we get together and sew, the reactions I give when I mess up, which is quite frequently. I often get discouraged and yell out some obscenities (kidding), but seriously, there is often slight hair pulling (kidding again),ok ok, lets just say it's not pretty, I should probably just sew on my own time haha.

Favorite sewing book: LOVE Simple Sewing For Baby by Lotta Jansdotter. Her stuff is simple yet useful. For a beginner, self-taught sewer like myself I was able to do many of the projects!

Sewing hero you look up to: I would have to say Meg Thomander. Her sewing is impeccable. So precise and well-crafted. She is the one who really got me back into Sewing. And Katie Speed, she cheers me on and is a great sewing teacher and doesn't let my tantrums when I mess up stop me.

Anything else that would be interesting or funny or lame or sa-weeeeet to share with all your society pals: Ya'll are awesome. Thanks for being so inspiring to this uncreative crafter.

If you could nominate yourself for an officer in this most prestigious society- what would your title be?: I would be the cheerleader.


a mermaid said...

who else loves the strawberry festival/bowling outfit (?!) competition story best! hahahaha that's awesome! and excuse me, "uncreative crafter"?? i dont think so crafty lady! thanks for sharing jonna friend :)

liko said...

love it!!! our cheerleader is one awesome chick!!!

j,d and little b said...

haha awesome... I was a cheerleader in High School so I'm practically a professional! Go Sewing Team yaahhooO!

sheila said...

So fun! I love that little green dress she made. It's darling.

This is good Steph, it gives me inspiration.

ashley said...

goooooooooo jonna! (that is me attempting to be a chearleader if you can't tell)

shira said...

woohoo! team jonna all the way! give me j! j! you got your j you got your j!