28 May 2010

our slice of paradise

My mom has been asking for these pictures since the first day we brought some boxes up and I never felt like I could post pictures of the new place, because even with all the sewing, sanding, painting, hammering, cleanning, organizing, designing...etc. we have been doing to get the place ready.... there is still so much we want to do!! I don't really think it will ever be "DONE" so here it is for now. I'll post more finished products or hung pictures as they are created and completed. Trust me, we still have more to do, but for all intents and purposes our beautiful, long wished for piece of paradise is ready to show off and WE LOVE LIVING HERE!!!!!

We LOVE it.

It feels like a dream. Or like we are playing house or something.

My poor boys. We hardly get out and do outdoorsy things anymore because I am having WAY TOO MUCH FUN living in my little dream home. It's all so fresh and just so so great.

Did I mention that we love it?

OK. Now it is time for WAY too many pictures. You'll be sorry you asked for them mom. ;)

And now... I present for your viewing pleasure... way too many photos of my recently organized sewing stuff. I feel very accomplished. HAHA! I do though. I have never had it all OCD fancy like this before and it is AWESOME! Sometimes I go and open it all up and just stare and sigh..... love.

You sure you want me to open that cool clock knob? Once I do, we can never go back to time when you didn't know just how psycho I am.......





And here she is:

The sewing cabinet all opened up and lovely. She is still missing cork boards on the inside of the top doors for hanging things on one side, and inspirational whosits and whatsits on the other. Oh, and a cool board with nails to hang my thread on in the back. Right now all my thread is tangled up in a huge bag. That just won't do. But here is what I do have done. Liko, can you spot something awesome that belongs to you in here?

Hey you mongrels. Get outta there.

Yes you. I can still see you. Even with that camo shirt.

Let's move on to the bathroom. Might be my favorite room in the house. I mean, look at it:

Sorry, I'm not very good at this indoor/flash thing. Sure wish Thomas was home to take all of these. Anyway, here's way more than you ever wanted to see of my bathroom:

And now for the little fishes in their life aquatic room. I feel like I want to do a couple more things in here, but here it is so far:

Swim on in friends.

We plan on living here for a while and growing up a little in this house. I like imagining what kind of friendship these two will have over the years. Someday this bed will be bunk beds. Or a trundle. Maybe it'll house three rowdy boys (!?) someday. It's fun when they play nice and I feel like this new space has already made us feel closer as a little family unit.

Ok boys

what else do we need to show them?

the tea cup tray on the little bookshelf?

the new and improved whiteboard... a HUGE upgrade from our old one we had for years that was so small and fell off the fridge sometimes?

Ambrose's second home: aka- the timeout chair? ;)

Asher's just upset that he can't do the dishes by hand. I, on the other hand, am not.

WHEW! If you made it to the end then congrats! I guess I wanted a post that represented the loooong journey it took to actually live in this happy place. Did I sound totally braggy in this post? I really can't help it. I can't. I am so unbelievably excited to live here. We love it! Thanks to my in-laws for helping us live our dreams and letting us design pretty much everything in the house. We love you guys and love being your tenants! We are lucky and I feel so grateful. Big smile on my face. All day. YAHOO!

It's so so good to be home.


Kim and the Fam said...

I am in love with your bathroom. the colors and the shower curtain, even that adorable decal on your shelf.

WHat a fun and cute home you have now. It most be so wonderful.

can't wait to see it in person. :)

Linda Robertson said...

What fun!

J and Christy Brown family said...

Thanks for posting. It is so beautiful.

Christina said...

I love, love, love it! You've done an awesome job decorating it!

Brady and Rachel said...

You guys! IT ROCKS!!! Congrats and welcome home! Maybe we'll even get a chance to see it in person in a month???!! :) Look at all that space. I'm sure you guys are totally loving it. Beautiful job!

Carrie said...

I never tired during that post (which takes up your entire page now, btw). In fact, I might just read it again now.

I want to marry your shower curtain. And your sewing cabinet. I'm so happy for you getting to play house for reals now. Yaaaaaaay!

Melissa said...

great job! I am in love with your bathroom too!

I love how new, and fresh it all feels. love it!

laurel said...

hehe.... by the end Ambrose is tired. You bathroom might be my favorite room too. And this in no way felt braggy to me for your information. It felt appreciative and greatful and besides you've worked so hard on this place! You deserve to revel in it! How great that you can now feel closer as a family unit because of it. Can you tell Ambrose aunty laurel says she misses him? Did I already say that just like a week ago? He's just so gosh darn sweet and cute!

Megan Swanson said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what is going on there. I wish I could see it in person. Your style is one that I envy and wish I could execute. So well done my love. And I don't know if you know this, but I have a huge love of Seahorses. Anything seahorses. So when I came upon that picture of the seahorse, I gasped. Your family is so beautiful and cool. And now you have a home that matches that. Well done. Fantastic!!!!

boo face mcjones said...

not exhausted at all. i could stand a few more photos of the place -- it is GORGEOUS! so excited for you guys.

(and only INSANELY jealous. but i'll keep loving you anyway...)

sheila said...

I've been wanting to see these for a while too.
I love it all. I love the green wall and all the details, like the wall decals (especially the one on the fridge), and the door/drawer knobs.

Keep those photo's coming!

ps Asher looks so BIG now. Geez, she just spurted.

melissa marie said...

what in the blondie?! (asher)

echo said...

it is a lovely lovely place. plan on me visiting daily:)

Kristen said...

absolutely lovely in every way! good job steph!

star said...

Oh darling friend! I love it! I am so happy that you get to live in a place that is so completely YOU! I loved every picture. I love how your tea cups and books show up everywhere. It is totally you! I was also curious on how you manage/organize all your books. Oh and Asher, when did he get so big? Jeff was shocked when he saw these pictures. I love so much about your place... your bathroom, the pantry, the paint colors, and the KITCHEN!!! (what a dream!)LOVE IT ALL!!!

liko said...

uh, can i move in with ya'll???
every square inch.
love the decals, love the paint colors, love your sewing space and goodies, love it love it love it!!!!!
can you pencil me and the kids in for an appointment...next opening would be great.
great job!!!!
and yeah, asher's a little beach-blonde cutie.

lorieloo said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH For your own new space! I LOVE your knobs. I love the colors. I love it all. So fun! Congrats!

Megan and Keli'i said...

Holy smokes, that's a lot of photos! Love your place! It's beautiful! Maybe you can come help me decorate...I know not what I'm doing!


Rhitzclan said...

WoW! So exciting that you guys have finally moved in. It feels great, yeah? Congrats! Everything looks so incredible. =)

Anna K. said...

Hey Stephanie! Your house is absolutely amazing! I love all the details. I can't wait to go inside it one of these days! I miss you and your cute family!

modestmuse said...

I LOVE IT, and CONGRATULATIONS, family! How wonderful. I can't believe it's the same apt. (I guess it's really not!) it looks amazing. So many things I could say. Love the old fish pic in the boys' room -- I remember that! Your sewing cabinet is a sight to behold! The Laie temple pic is beautiful. How did the Willow Tree make an exact replica of your family? Love all the decals. The place looks so, so great, GOOD JOB!

Roeckers said...

Love it!! You want to come decorate my house next?

Taylor said...

well worth the wait! i want to come and see it in person someday:)

diana palmer said...

hey, where did my comment go? i know i left one, but i guess it didn't go through? it went something like, i know this has been the longest haul for you guys, and i'm so thrilled you've finally arrived at the light at the end of the tunnel. i wanted this post to go on forever, and thankfully it kinda did. that's the way to do it. go ahead and smile for a year, you've earned it! just so so happy for you.

Mariko said...

I am LOVE love love-ing your pantry. I want a pantry so badly. Actually, I just want a kitchen that has cupboard that doesn't have huge cockroaches crawling through the huge holes in the back of the walls.
Too much to ask, I guess.

kate said...

okay, so first of all, love your house, love your bathroom and all the little details. i also love your sewing cabinets, maybe all of us society members should take pictures of our sewing areas/stash to see who has the most craziness in her!?
anyhow, oh, and i see we have a few of the same books, like one yard wonders and the creative family... good taste i think!

Ashley said...

Your boys have gotten so big!

Love the place.