30 May 2010

hey society gals

Don't forget our first mixer tomorrow night at my house!

Monday May 31 @ 8PM!

Bring a treat or snack to share if you want! Bring along a friend who likes to sew if you want! Bring a project you want to show off or get advice from others on if you want! Bring a sewing book we can ohhhh and ahhhh over if you want!

Or just bring yourself.

That's what I want!

K- see ya then crafty crafters.


liko said...

it's on my calendar and i've been looking forward to it all month!!!

boo face mcjones said...

man, i want to come. can we have the next meeting in idaho?!?

sheila said...

I'll be busy in the afternoon but I will try to be there by 8. My Memorial Day won't be complete if I don't make it!

Mariko said...

I just realized I don't know where you live. Is that a problem?