31 May 2010

My Cup of Tea Sewing Challenge!

I say we sew something together in the month of June!

The apron.

It's a classic first sewing project. It can be simple or made more complicated through different techniques and embellishing. It can also be completed in one sitting and be made from scraps you already have. My kinda project!

Also, I don't know about you, but I am like 50xs happier to cook dinner and clean my house if I am wearing a cute apron. I don't know if I feel like I am in a 1950s sitcom or what, but it works for me.

Here's a great link to free online tutorials for 51 different styles of aprons!!

There's bound to be something in there that screams "make me!!!" and fits your sewing level since we have super first time beginners here, intermediates, and pros.

found here
Click around and find one you like. Or use a pattern you already have. Sewing books always have an apron or two in them. Or just make up your own pattern (Echo, cough cough)!

found here
When you're all done, email me a photo of you in your new, fancy shmancy apron and I'll put them all up together at the end of the month.

I think the Hawaii society members might just need to get together to show theirs off too.

Go here for some serious apron inspiration!

Who's in?? Get cutting and sewing!!


Roeckers said...

I don't own an apron but think it is about time I start using one...lets see if I can find a pattern I like. I hope to get some time and can to say "I am in!"

a mermaid said...

yay chrissy! yay yay yay! do it :)

liko said...

i kept saying i need to make one (heck, i've ruined enough shirts NOT having and using one!!!) and this is the perfect thing to get me going!! woohoo!!!

echo said...

i am in too. i love me a good apron. i wear mine daily and could always use a few more to add to the rotation.

Kahilau said...

I am in! So sad I couldn't make it tonight. Now all the kids are feeling sick. Anyway, I am totally up for making an apron this month!

sheila said...

I don't have an apron either. IT'S TIME to join the ranks.
I'm in!

melissa marie said...

honestly, i wasn't going to make an apron because much to my chagrin, aprons are annoying over my belly. half aprons are too hard to tie so high, and full aprons don't fit right. i don't even know how i've survived, but i have been wearing my apron about 75% less since the protrusion began. BUT your comment gave me the genius idea to make a maternity apron. so yes, for sure, i'm making one.

a mermaid said...

yahoooooo! mellie. genius!

Joanna said...

i love this! the only thing i've ever sewn in my life is a pillowcase and i'm to scared/lazy to try anything else. but i saw on that list of patterns an apron made out of a vintage pillowcase, so i think it might be within my range of skills! and now i have another excuse to waste time at DI so i can pick one out :)

kate said...

oooh, I am in! actually, mine will probably be pretty boring, but I have been concocting in my head a basic half apron I want to make that's extra absorbent for when I wash dishes because I am always splashing water onto the front of my shirt and pants. so now i have a great excuse to get it done!

a mermaid said...

ohh great ideas kate! the apron sounds coo land i totally want to do that stash/sewing area pic idea! thanks :) cant wait to see your apron!