01 June 2010

so much fun. everywhere.

I think I blog more when I'm feeling inspired!

First of all, I have been listening to massive amounts of Birds, Beaks, and Bones by Quail and I would have a song from that album playing but it's one of those super cool indie albums that can only be found at the source. You can be in on the secret too. Order it straight from Marty today!

Next, I have so many cool crafty friends. Thanks for being so amazing y'all. You give me a lot to shoot for.

And then of course there was the little mixer last night:

You like my hair pretty? Katie made it. She's Pretty Swell if you didn't already know. Thanks Katie friend!

We came up with some great ideas:
-of course you already know about our society apron challenge. I hope you're cutting out fabric and getting that machine fired up!

-Katie and Becky have some great etsy support and workshop ideas we will do in Hawaii and then post about for all society members to take part in

-Echo and I are getting a fabric swap fired up

-I have a sewing music mix swap idea in the works for all society members near and far...stay tuned!

And so much more. It's fun to be surrounded by creativity.

Finally, I have a big goal to figure out Thomas' fancy pants camera this summer so I can take better pictures of my kids when they are doing awesome things while daddy is at work. All those magical everyday moments. I'm gonna work on it big time this summer and post good results for the grandparents and auntys as they hopefully happen.

Life is too amazing to be trapped in a dull, uninspiring routine. Do something magical today! Make something beautiful even if it isn't the best out there. I am not great at anything crafty, but I keep plugging along because it make me so happy and it's in my nature. Happiness is your heritage too. Go chase your inspiration down and let it take over!


laurel said...

yes sirrrreee Bob. I too am determined to figure out the mysteries of my camera even if it takes a really long time. speaking of creativity... these word verifications are so creative. Today's is "cramfu" - when you chop up your food kung fu style and then cram it down the gullet. That's my best guess anyway.

a mermaid said...

i think you're onto something there.

sheila said...

you make me happy stephanie! I wish I could have been there at the mixer- just too much to do yesterday. I'm glad I saw you at the slip-n-slide party though.

I found my apron pattern and will be starting soon!

my "something magical" today is going to happen too.

a mermaid said...

yahoo sheila! so stoked. and dont worry friend- next time!

laurel said...

either that or you don't even bother to chop up your food you just cram...it....down...Get it? You cramfu.... oh sorry... couldn't finish that word, I had something in my mouth.

laurel said...

Every couple of comments I'm just gonna come back and keep commenting on the same thing that doesn't even relate to your post to begin with... ha.. wouldn't that be funny...

liko said...

LOVE your house!!

Jessica F. said...

You have so much fun. I LOVE your house. You have such fabulous style Steph!

echo said...

fun fun night. can't wait to get started.

Mariko said...

We seem to have similar taste in music so I really want to just trust you on that CD but I wish I could find even a 10 second clip just to try it out!... Maybe you'll have to play it for me next time I come over to your fabulous house.