09 June 2010

because i love you and your babies

I finally got my adult TDAP (Pertussis) vaccination today and a shot has never felt so good because

I love you

and your babies

and it feels good to be part of a solution instead of a problem.

Because I might actually get to meet my brand new niece this summer, and my friends are in their childbearing years, and I may be crazy enough to add another crazy to our little family of crazies someday.

Because it's important to be responsible and protect our little ones.

Because someone I love has been hurt. And I love her and all her babies.

Because it feels good to be proactive.

Schedule your appointment today because you can. If your primary care physician won't order the shot for you there are other doctors who can. My doctor didn't have the shot, but Nattie Hopewell in Kahuku did. If you're local the Hauula shopping center has a clinic who will administer the shot as well. It's an easy, small way to make a HUGE difference in your community.

Plus, you might get a really cool cartoon band-aid to wear around for the day. Win/Win.


Mariko said...

Good job! I need to check on that. I think I got mine after I had Amaya but it also could have been some other cocktail.

.Ang. said...


Changing the world one DTAP at a time!

I still need to go get mine!!!! maybe Mike and I will do it on a date or something. That's romantic right?

Damaris said...

That's awesome. My doctor is being a pain in the neck about me NOT getting it. I don't understand.

TanuvasaCasa said...

Wonderful!!! I can't get mine until I give birth. Hey DTAP, we have a date late Sept, ok?

liko said...

i haven't really been to "my doctor" in a loooong time. i don't like her, either, so i think i may just switch. and get that shot. despite my love for needles.
and sick sucks. bad.
good job, you go girl!!!

modestmuse said...

This is extremely disturbing: He doesn't want baby Nile to have ANY vaccines ... been reading too much paranoid, gov't-(in this case, CDC)-is-out-to-get-you propaganda. Thinks "they" hide unknowns and pig viruses in shots ...... Marriage is easy, parenting Nile is easy; parenting together on this topic is making me panicky, as she is already 2.5 mos. old, living in a developing country, and has NO shots. Anyone have any advice?? help!

boo face mcjones said...

good for you, steph face. jesse and i spent some time looking into this today after reading your post. next time we get a tetanus booster, we're going to request DTAP. apparently that's the easiest way to get it.

@modestmuse -- eek! i'm with you. not vaccinating would terrify me. i would recommend you encourage him to read ALL the sources (including the CDC, though he obviously might not agree with them) on this matter. i don't know a whole lot on this, but my husband is in the doctorate of pharmacy program, and he has taken me through all of the requirements vaccinations need to go through before they can be distributed, and all of the tightly regulated reasons that vaccinations are recalled. apparently he has links to articles i can send your way if you are at all interested. i'm just saying...

melissa marie said...

not to detract from your post, steph, but i keep forgetting your hair is shorter. i liiiiike it a lot.

Bille said...

Agreed, agreed, agreed! Here is a thought provoking article about vaccines.


Thomas said...

I peruse a blog called science-based medicine a few times a week. Here is a link to all of their articles related to vaccines.


Also, I listened to this on NPR a while back, and found it very informative:


Also, a good shoe to the head couldn't hurt ;)

Natalie. said...

Stephanie, I love you. So much.

And everyone, if you want to be very quickly inspired to vaccinate your children/yourselves, come over and I'll show you what it looks like to hold your baby for the last moments of his life while he's dying from a vaccine preventable disease. Oh yes, we have pictures. and they are the stuff of nightmares.