10 June 2010

dear diary,

A couple Thursday thoughts here.

Why does poor Asher have more fevers than anyone I've ever met. Fevers and other yucky stuff since Saturday night. That's right, even on his first birthday. Tragic. We have a urine test being processed right now and hope they can figure it out so we don't have to go back in for the blood one.

Don't get me wrong, I love the extra cuddles this misfortune affords me, but all the day-long lethargy, tears, and all-nighters of keeping nervous, sleepy vigil over my feverish boy are starting to take a toll on the family. And I just want my feisty, happy boy back!
Get better little one.

Ambrose is going stir-crazy too. But! We are going to Disneyland this summer and so I've been piling on the Disney movies via Netflix. How is he supposed to know just how magical Disneyland is if he doesn't know all the characters??? I'm just trying to get my money's worth here.

Have you watched Lady and the Tramp in a while?

Aside from the Siamese cat part making me feel embarrassed for Disney and like apologizing to Asians everywhere, the stylings of the house are AMAZING! I want all the large graphic "arts and crafts movement" (thank you Mel P) wallpaper, tile, and rugs rugs galore. I am well aware that it's just animation. But wow.

I feel the same way about Snow White though. That whole Eastern European vintage cottage in the woods look makes my heart sing. I think I got this from my mom.

I can't really find a good picture example, but you know what I mean right? Quilts, and carved wooden beds, and lots of forest creatures roaming around... and like, this kind of ribbon everywhere:

Anyway, this morning was Bambi and boy is that movie precious. I want the whole soundtrack. Nothing cuter than seeing Asher boy perk up for a few minutes and dance with a silly grin on his face to "drip drip drop little April showers..."

Oh! And society soul mates! Have you started your apron yet? I've gotten as far as realizing that I want to attempt my first made-up-by-myself pattern and improve an existing apron that I have. I love this one:

for it's almost full-body coverage, but want to improve upon it by making sure I can tie it at the waist like I have in the picture AND go to above my chest. When it's tied up now the apron strings go up much higher than my waist, which was cute when I was pregnant, but makes me look awkwardly pregnant now. Not so cute.

So, I searched through my scraps and came up with this:

An old curtain from Ambrose's room in the old house, a tiny scrap of some Japanese fabric I have saved every last shred of that may be just BARELY big enough for the torso part of the apron, some pinstripe denim that I cut out for a baby bag that never was for the waist band, and some olive solid scraps from a backpack I made for the straps around the neck. Oh, and some hippo IKEA fabric scraps from Ambrose's party favors when he turned two for a pocket.

All cut out.

Waiting for me to get the guts to execute my made-up pattern.

I really don't want to mess up so I am just letting them sit there.

Maybe until the night before we all get together at the end of the month.

But hopefully before.

Welp, I think this concludes this long diary post. I don't want to waste all of Asher's nap, but it sure feels good to dwell on something silly for a couple of minutes. I'm gonna go watch those gosh-awful Siamese cats with Ambrose and maybe even eat some more bread from our brand new bread maker!

Shout out to Thomas Robertson for doing some research and buying an affordable, yet awesome one. Did you know this thing can make bread (duh), all kinds of dough, including pasta dough, and jam! Let's hope I don't gain 100lbs. exploring all the options, but I'm excited to get all homemade up in here.



liko said...

i'm still deciding on apron fabric from my stash. love the looks of yours!!

and i want a breadmaker! awesome!

disney rocks. but no, i can't say i ever noticed the decor until now. haha!

and i do hope asher starts feeling better!!

melissa marie said...

regarding the apron: you just got to go out there and execute. give 110%.

Carrie said...

I LOVE my bread maker. Love. If you have a 60 minute loaf option lemme know and I'll send you a simple and delicious recipe. I make it every couple of days and we love it so!

I just bought fabric today! $3 and I have it all pictured up in my head (it's called milk and honey... yeah I named it) and I hope it turns out!

AND Asher is so so so so cute in that picture. Love his face!

Carrie said...

And I also just realized that you have two boys with a names and I have two with b names. That is weird! Are you doing all a's (and does everyone ask you that, because they do me)?

Matti said...

Um lets see, My thoughts as I read this post were,....Ah man, I'm jealous, Super cute!!, and poor little Asher. I sure hope he feels better soon!

(That's in reverse order.)

Matti said...

oh ya, and I totally agree on the lady and the tramp decor. I laughed when I read that because I noticed it the other day when I was watching the movie with Eden. ;-)

Megan and Keli'i said...

If you like the Snow White cottage action, you've gotta check out my brother, Chad's, website. His inspiration for much of his woodwork is fairy tale stories...in fact the house he's building came off a plan website inspired by fairy tale homes. Cool, eh?

Megan and Keli'i said...

PS- his website's not entirely up to date, but it's www.castleandcobble.com

Mariko said...

No need to apologize about the siamese part. I actually loved that part as a child and my mother never said a word about it.
(I'm so not into taking offense for that kind of thing.)
Anyway, I want to make an apron. I even have fabric (from JAPAN!) but it's scary to cut up that beautiful fabric. Why can't I just keep it safe in my closet? In a bag? Where I never ever see it?
I just feel better knowing it's there.