15 June 2010

ladies of the society! i give you our librarian.

1. Name: Liko Miller (sorry folks, no link cuz she's a private blogger)

2. Favorite type of sewing project: clothing, cute projects for gifts

3. City you currently reside in: Ka'a'awa, Hawaii

4. Hometown: Kahuku, Hawaii

5. Family stats: wife to doug and mom of two fun monkeys, malik and faith.

6. Machine you sew with: basic kenmore from my mom and an electronic singer (i totally prefer the feel of the kenmore, the singer is far too mechanical for me...but i someday hope to have either a pfaff, husqvarna, janome, or bernina...)

7. Picture of the project you are currently working on: too many to send pics of :)

8. Picture of a finished project you are happy with: (Even REALLY happy with. We'll take that too.) most recent completed project:

And a reversible table runner for my mom for mothers day, to remind her of home, the ocean -- now that she lives in alaska.

9. Do you have an etsy site? What is it? not YET...never say never, right?? as soon as i start one, i will be sure to let you know!!

10. What fabric are you currently drooling over? i really am loving the looks of anna maria horner's 'little folks' voile. especially the dobby voile pastry line fabric. it just looks so very cute and i would love to make a quilt or summery girls dresses/skirts with it!!

11. Sewing project you would most like to attempt but are admittedly frightened of or just need to learn more about: a quilt. i have yet to go there...not sure what, exactly, is holding me back... maybe it's because it takes a LOT of fabric??

12. Favorite online crafty blog that you draw a lot of inspiration from: the purl bee. everything looks organized, simple, beautiful. love it!!! also katiedid. she inspires me. i want to be able to sew and make my own patterns just as she does for her kiddos. and she knows mark and patria lee -- what a small world we live in!! (and yes, patria, i used to read your blog before it went private...hi!) oh, and thread banger.

13. What sewing purchase are you saving your precious pennies for?: always got my eye open for fabric, always fabric. and that sewing machine i mentioned. and a SERGER!!!

14. Online tutorial you plan to attempt: yoga pants

15. When and how did you learn to sew?: my mom up and moved away january '09, leaving one of her machines with me. never bothered to learn growing up, unlike my mom (who was sewing her own clothes in high school). i finally got up the nerve to use it and started teaching myself in february 2009. my first project was a little girl's dress for adelaide's 2-year birthday. i was happy with it!! then i took a sewing class with friends from byuh, but i must say that hands-on doing it is how i learn the most.

16. Your biggest sewing disaster story: adelaide's dress. i felt the pattern was written in a language i didn't understand, the pictures accompanying the pattern instructions confused me even more, and i attached the bodice to the skirt inside-out, something i have learned from. i had a hard time understanding how to get from point A to point B. but, i think i got it now (knock on wood!)

17. Favorite sewing book: gotta say the first one i bought - lotta jansdotter's 'simple sewing'. simple, you can be creative and add your own little touches to make it your own. i have a few books and sometimes i can just sit and look at the lovely photos and be inspired.

18. Sewing hero you look up to: my mom and aunties. they all grew up sewing their own clothes out of necessity and they'd sew almost all of our (me and my cousins) clothes when we were young. back when it was actually cheaper to sew your own clothes.

19. Anything else that would be interesting or funny or lame or sa-weeeeet to share with all your society pals: in the beginning, my seam-ripper was my best friend. i also have a hard time cutting up my fabrics. i get nervous the outcome won't be what i want and don't want to waste the fabric...i think i'm making progress on that...

20. If you could nominate yourself for an officer in this most prestigious society- what would your title be?: hmmm, what are the choices?? i don't know... the librarian!


Patria said...

Liko! Darling interview. I'm missing katie's blog big time! Let's exchange emails- I'll send you a blog invite (: It's inspiring that you started sewing so recently...there's hope for me!

.Ang. said...

LIKO! 2009??? I didn't realize you started so recently either!

Look at how much you've learned in just one year!! I love the fabrics you sew with! That Table runner for your mom is awesome!

And the dress is adorable!

I think you are great!!

sheila said...

Liko, you ARE a pro and learned in such short time!
You're my new hero. I wan to sew a dress like that for Kailani.
I'm going to bug you to help soon.

boo face mcjones said...

oh, liko, nice to meet you! i am so with you on getting nervous to cut fabric. i keep thinking "if this doesn't work, i just wasted XXX dollars." (not that i have ever spent three figures on fabric, but you know what i mean...)

liko said...

heehee. okay patria - mine's massageliko@aol.com

and angie, your creativity inspires me.

sheila - let's sew one for her!

and boo face -- i have yet to spend over three figures worth of fabric in one purchase. my husband would probably freak out about that!!

echo said...

liko, i will never forget your story about how you were using your foot presser thing the wrong way. hahaha. i love that story. and yup you are good.
adelaide loved that dress you made her. she wore it till the very end.

melissa marie said...

hey, where's the comment i left yesterday?! what the. well, liko, you're awesome! steph, it's so good to learn about all of these cool girls. you've got a lot of cool friends, sister. xxoo

liko said...

oh yeah echo, i should've put that as my biggest sewing disaster!! hahahaha!!

ashley said...

liko- you are amazing! seriously, i am always impressed with what you sew and since you learned so recently. i have been sorta sewing for a bit and i am too chicken to try stuff, so your awesome for trying and succeeding!

Carrie said...

So lovely to meet another friend of Stephanie and fellow society member! That dress is awesome and looks professionally done. And also smocking is my white whale as so I am very impressed.