14 June 2010

nature: my fave

The Bull & The Bear
other current faves include:
thomas and his nature photography (see above)
birthday weekend extravaganza
ward camp week at the beach
oh yeah, beach
filling my house with tree images (yes, like the one above)
the new bike i'm getting belatedly from my parents and thomas. all i had to do was turn 26.
trying to get organized about teaching my sons (see side bar: mama school)
my friends
essential oils ("balance" and "wild orange" to be exact. makes me feel like a revitalized mother nature. i told you i'm psycho.)
planning our up-coming mainland take over! i mean trip.
a resurgence of mates of state love
a tall glass of cold water with 1/2 a fresh squeezed lemon in the morning
love wherever it is found
sneaking little moments on the computer to keep in touch
the book of mormon
seizing creative moments
lists. obviously.


melissa marie said...

ooh! bike! beach! mates of state!

i've been listening to them a lot lately in preparation for the concert. (um, actually, by "lately" i mean since 2004. whatev.)

MAINLAND! come soon.

.Ang. said...

I love lists too. this is my fav at the moment

and that tree image is beautiful!

I love it

liko said...

Carrie said...

If I wanted to print out a copy to put on my wall, would that be okay? I <3 that photo. Serene, warm, perfect.

I'm so sad we are missing each other in Utah by only a few weeks. :(

laurel said...

One of my faves? Stephanie Roberston and her darling little family. That picture is STUNNING. Oh man, oh man Thomas Robertson, don't ever stop taking pictures!

laurel said...

p.s. When you see the Donna-kaye you gotta sneak some pics of that little Shiloh!!! K?

Meg said...

I love that picture! So beautiful. You know, my rug did not shed that bad. I saw online that people were having problems with that, so I just vacumned mine a bunch right when we first got it and I even swept it with a stiff broom to loosen any fibers that weren't really attached and I haven't had too much of a problem with it. I vacumn it almost everyday because we are always getting crumbs on it, so I don't know. Maybe try to sweep it with a stiff broom and see if that helps.